shlf1314 Adsense phone authentication should pay attention toBeijing new international online recrui

good communication and coordination skills, able to work under pressure.

  more than 1 years working experience in this position, familiar with Internet industry,


      3, the verification process to listen to the tone, tone immediately after the input verification code 6 input verification number to speed and , this time is very important, if only two seconds late, don’t you, even if the input is get wrong. Of course, you can not enter in advance, so it will be wrong.

consulting :278967901

resume: [email protected]   

  2 sales managers,

proficient in PHP, mysql, more than one year of relevant development experience,

or above, all positions are in Beijing, the company will provide competitive compensation and development opportunities in the industry.

      2, you can choose when he will call, because he is automatically playing, you had better prepare immediately after verification, so as not to call him, you are still doing something else, maybe happy went.

      1; if it is a mobile phone, fill in the number directly, the fixed line, the area code and the number, don’t have to add 0, 80 before mobile phone, and so on.


familiar with Linux, as a major system, good for

college degree or above, have experience in business development in Internet industry is preferred.

      Beijing Xinji Online Information Technology Co. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as the "new international online" Internet service provider is a professional engaged in the whole network interactive marketing solutions, the company provides trusted third party access tracking, qualification examination, detection, orientation and effect of real-time reporting system cheating, inspection, commissions, and other aspects of the advertising creative marketing services to customers, and provide personalized senior network interactive marketing services according to customer needs, such as consulting, planning, integration, advanced stereo directional service, one-stop service.
      if you have ever had Internet advertising and marketing services related background, if you have the rapid growth of the Internet advertising market has a strong interest and unique insights. Well, we invite you to join our team.

php Development Engineer 2 people,

excellent customer development capabilities, according to customer needs to develop appropriate advertising sales strategy, and follow the customer’s implementation plan

commissioning editor admin03

business development officer   4 person

we only look at your ability, but do not care whether you graduated from junior high school or undergraduate. Welcome friends with the following abilities to contact us, and a challenging position is waiting for you.

      shlf1314 recently added a phone verification. There were a lot of people who made mistakes when they verified. I almost got third more successes. So what should I pay attention to,

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