sh419 alliance league wants to replace the new domain nameSuch a master earn tens of thousands of d

online is more than cattle.


2007 in April, the Ministry of development of sh419 alliance sponsored the "alliance will" change new domain name. The old domain name union.sh419/publish, will replace

for the first time

thanks for all the support for the "alliance" will make people! The new year, continue to look forward to your criticism of the guide. Your publication, you call the shots! Thank you

, let’s take a look at two income lists,


, this one is more fierce,


think, we are still publicity ah, people do not stand, you can earn so much. Oh..

these are SMS, MMS revenues. Insisted that these friends in fact, their root books, there is no station, specific operational thinking, process, I am finishing, which will be announced on the 29 of this month. You can focus on www.admin5 or diaozi/test/1.html

from now on, in addition to the monthly sh419 union development department as a member of regular mail to send the "alliance records", users can directly access the reading. "X" is the total number of the corresponding period. Such as the need to read the eleventh issue of the "alliance Zhi", reading can access

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