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Ma Yun, speaking at the University of Seoul, elaborated on the opportunities for entrepreneurship today and how to become a great company. Create jobs, help the poor get rich and change China’s environment. These are three complaints and three opportunities. Anyone who can solve these problems will survive for long. In the start-up state, the secret of Ma’s success is to believe in the future.

entered the 3G era, with the rise of intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone operating system to further open, the future will become the mobile phone multimedia communication, Internet, entertainment and other functions of the handheld terminal, which will greatly improve the 3G era mobile phone advertising performance ability, but its precise characteristics is too strong the traditional Internet advertising and marketing, from the input-output ratio, is much better than that of wired internet. shlf1314 CEO Eric ·, Schmidt said that the next wave of advertising industry will come from the mobile internet. United States Interactive Advertising Bureau mobile Committee co chairman AndyJedynak even said that 3 to 5 years later, the mobile Internet will be transformed into free mode, advertising will become the main source of revenue. Next, we need to pay attention to what businesses on the mobile Internet have greater advertising profit space, how to achieve advertising profits in these services?.

we often ask a question, how to meet the future competition? We can grow to the size of today, I think the best time is today, Alibaba, Alipay group and rookie today is too big, the size of today, there will be many headaches every day.

? Opportunities are where some people complain. When people complain, opportunities exist. Especially in China, everyone is expressing dissatisfaction. When everyone is complaining, the opportunity arises. Dealing with grievances and solving problems, so when I hear people complain, I feel excited, because I see the opportunity and think what I can do for it.

from the form of mobile advertising, mainly in the following six categories: display ads, 3G era, mobile phone advertising form can come from the transition to a single text color image, color diversity logo display advertising; streaming media advertising will be the mobile phone advertising industry is an important direction of the future, spots advertising in the streaming media content, are mainly concentrated in the titles and credits; mobile phone TV advertising will become an important carrier of mobile phone advertising; advertising speech is operator call dynamic insertion fragment in the process of speech advertisement in the user’s voice, for example, is the carrier of this new customized ringing tone advertising; built-in mobile phone online games advertising is the main form of expression, such as bearing and advertising information by the two-dimensional code of the two-dimensional code advertising, its application is popular electronic receipt such as electronic tickets, electronic machine Forms such as ticket receipt, etc., and keyword advertising, such as local businesses, shops and service offerings provided by shlf1314, and competitive ranking of wireless search results.

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with the development of mobile communication technology, the bandwidth and traffic problems are solved at the same time, the advertising model will usher in new opportunities for development, or, with the continuous development of Internet marketing, the new mobile Internet wide.

chances are where some people complain,

life is not easy, but we have to face it. When you don’t have many people, you know where you are. When the scale is large, if you see something wrong, you need to make changes six months in advance. Because when you realize you want to change, it’s usually late, just as the Titanic hit the iceberg. It will soon sink. I often ask myself, how can I keep the ship safe?.

in Chinese, Taobao, sh419 and Tencent, we have no chance? 10 years ago, bill Gates. I have the same idea, because Microsoft, I have no chance; because of shlf1314, I have no chance. No, opportunities are everywhere. Because of the Internet, because of cloud computing, because big data, everyone in the world has the opportunity.

so we ask ourselves, we should be where to go? The last century, if you want to become a great company, usually need to take 1, 2 or 3 opportunities; and this century, if you want to become a great company, must solve the social problems. China many social problems, I believe that the social problems such as our company can be solved, first is to create employment; second is to expand domestic demand, to rural areas and farmers are rich; third, let China economy better.

forms, bring forth the new,

why did Alibaba develop to this size? Because we believe in the future. 10 years ago, I told people that I firmly believe that the Internet is the future. Even if we do not succeed, there will be other people succeed, so we must work hard. To this day, I still believe in the future.

the following is Ma speech excerpt:

mobile advertising business model has inherited the traditional Internet business model, advertisers pay as the main object, users free content or services, only need to pay a fee to the traffic network operators, this is the current mobile Internet business is the main profit pattern. Take 3G portal as an example, its free services include MP3 download, video download, e-book City, community and so on, with the flow and popularity to attract advertising. In the mobile Internet era, advertising style innovation, based on the traditional Internet advertising page reserved on the targeted delivery of different attributes for mobile phone users or other wireless terminals, or according to the user’s customized information, targeted advertising.

marketing model in the progress of exploration

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