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as a pioneer in entrepreneurship, Tang Bin summarized must have three conditions for the audience before the start: first, entrepreneurs must consider a specific time: if we had the Internet just from reality to virtual, has now become a return back from the virtual atom, from the atom bit regression. Second, entrepreneurship also needs to consider a specific area: now, the Internet is really beginning to play its power, breaking the monopoly everywhere. Third, entrepreneurship also needs to select a suitable industry: the Internet has entered the deep water area, bringing new technology, people together, allowing people to communicate freely without obstacles, trading, communication. About Tencent entrepreneurship base open class:

YeePay CEO and co-founder Tang Bin on his years of business history and Internet financial innovation has brought the sentiment, "adhere to the theme of growth speech for entrepreneurs, popular with the audience.

then Tang Bin YeePay as the real case, from the set sail to the island, the island gradually completed financial marketing, big data island this figure by sketching them again one route, to finally reach the whole course of network, this new destination, vividly describes how Epro payment platform from development as a trading platform open.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,


opening, Tang Bin from the "romantic" two words cut, with the audience to share their own entrepreneurial sentiment. He believes that entrepreneurs must first dare to challenge the status quo, from the beginning, the one and only way out of the ordinary; secondly, entrepreneurship is a very difficult, the success rate is very low and the task to do so can insist for hard work. "When it comes to romance, don’t be confused by appearances.". Two people romantic, created the crystallization of life; a person romantic, created the essence of thinking; and a group of people romantic, creation is a social life. A group of people interacting with each other in the Internet tide can change the world." Tang Bin concluded.

Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of Tencent open platform and mobile application platform,

Tencent open business class is designed for the Internet >


May 10th, "new platform, big future" – Tencent open base class held in Beijing. As an important sub forum of China’s Internet entrepreneurs conference, thousands of webmasters and Internet entrepreneurs from all over the country participated in this event. It is reported that the Tencent open class instructor lineup unprecedented: Vice President, Greater China HP of the ATA company CEO Sun Zhenyao, YeePay CEO Tang Bin and Stanford University business school director China Frank Hawke Han Cheng three guests went to the scene, for entrepreneurs to share business experience.

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YeePay CEO and co-founder Tang Bin

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