Amoy Master tours alone through the station of earning 2W guest experience sharingshlf1314 Adsense

            A5 this Thursday edition chat activity, invite guest station group Master Yue – world now own tours, sharing stations guest experience he earning 2W, see how he is to achieve a monthly income of tens of thousands of Amoy road.

              guests: Yue Shi is now        

          my opinion: sh419 K Taobao station is mainly a lot of guest website templates, exactly the same data. If the proposal is to buy another guest program, change the template tag, the content is modified, as far as possible and others.


domestic shlf1314 Adsense master, according to conservative estimates, more than a month ten thousand knives, no less than 5 people. And a person with multiple accounts, accumulated more than 10 thousand knives, no less than 50 people.
low-key is money master, actually they are not, and have no experience, just like: to do, do it. Keep your head shut and hold your breath.

              Tao is an important way for many Wangzhuan Internet entrepreneurs, bring considerable income for many individual entrepreneurs really amoy. E-commerce is the future trend of development, as long as the electronic commerce development, the Tao will always exist, and continue to bring economic income for individuals. But a lot of people for the understanding of the theory for the guest, should not in practice the specific model of the Tao have a deeper understanding?

;     A5ID: unique reward

              Yue Shi is present; in 1986, 09 years graduated in July; Yunnan mechanical and electrical college computer application specialty; in the same year 10 graduated; Southwest University of Science and Technology information resources management professional. Now the monthly income of about 2-3, Taobao passenger income of about 7K. Mainly through the station group way to launch Taobao customers advertising, general promotion group, promotion of single goods and channel promotion way to obtain commission. Currently operating sites close to 100, there are 41 real traffic to make money.

Taobao railway station, if it is called with API, it is really K very powerful! Done before a single page, such as breast slimming ah, what the API has done, dark Empire program is also used, now do not easily, K, and K is nothing, are based on the information station to do now, then put in the Taobao advertising model, so it is not easy K. I don’t have a single Taobao station, not API, not a single page, I use a lot of DEDECMS program, DZ forum, love, such as polymerization, mainly through the implantation of Amoy advertising model.

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