The 4 step teach you to play Taobao passengers February new station can also benefit over thousand

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, the site of FindTheBest, was launched in 2010 and has made slow and steady progress in its initial stages of development. The site promises to consumers that it can provide unbiased, data-driven comparisons. It’s a hybrid search engine that combines data filtering algorithms and human resource management. The categories of products and services are defined by people, and the way in which the design information is presented determines which of the contrasting materials – or attributes – are most significant to the user.

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Kevin ·, O Conner Kevin O Connor recalls that when he ran back and forth between potential risk investors a few years ago, he was basically faced with a skeptical eye. He wants to build an online comparison engine, but not for a single product or service for example, travel or catering business. What he hopes is that the engine will cover hundreds of themes and products, from lawyers to nursing homes, from smartphones to dog feed, and so forth.

pages: requirements are not too strict, the number of pages can be more appropriate, so that the search engine that we are not just a home page

for Taobao off 3 months of experience tell us novice also need not too much worry, so in February can have very good! I don’t write too much to write love directly to the steps I tell you is how to do.


reason: I choose is the scent of the flagship store, the reason is very simple: the commission rate reached 41%. A single Commission is very lucrative. And the owner offers extra rewards. Some people say why not choose to lose weight category, the Commission is also high. I think a very messy market there is no need to go to your


4, register domain name, open space, put the page up to open. To network favorites website collection to recommend: YAHOO

2, set up the website keyword

OK here, a site basically finished, I stand in a month later, sh419 normal included, included 10 days later, the natural ranking to the first page, of course, this time I do not very hot words. There is also a certain contingency. The next month, I didn’t do anything at the station, and it gave me more than 500 of my income. In fact, that is, a few 10 lists. The other two stations I did also bring in almost 400 of the proceeds. The above is my experience for reference only limited personal level also hope that the wise!


online comparison engine FindTheBest Tencent technology plan

home page: find someone else’s product list page, it is best to find a DIV+CSS direct source code, as their own web content, products into their own want to add good promotion links. Here to echo my general attention and title keywords at the beginning with large fonts such as scent how content remember every few paragraphs again several times you can split into the scent of oil last page tail also put the title keywords bold with links to their pages. I do the best with the simplest optimizations.

3, web production

some lingering questions are: can you make good comparisons in many fields? How do you get data, then combine these data and present them effectively?

attached to my earnings map:

this is very simple to see sh419 input scent drop-down box to prompt what do what keywords, ha ha SEO optimization of what are the keywords to sh419 for tips. Here is a key point is not to choose a lot of people in the competition of hot words, new people can choose the first page, not all the main domain name is doing,

technology news Tong Yun August 6th Beijing time news, "New York Times" website recently published by Steve · Rolle Steve Lohr blog article said that the progress of online 2010 on-line engine FindTheBest has been in the initial stage of development had taken a slow and steady. The article points out that in the past year, the comparison of search engine traffic has achieved strong growth, one of the reasons is that in recent months there have been several ten website content reached its white label partnership.


1, from Taobao customers choose their own products to promote the background.

O Conner finally persuaded the Vc firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & that Byers KPCB had invested in his idea, and the company had invested $6 million. Part of the company’s bet was on O Conner’s thinking, partly because of O Conner’s team and himself. O Conner was Doubleclick founder and CEO of advertising networks, a company that was bought by shlf1314 for $3 billion 100 million in 2007. O Conner himself poured some money into the idea.


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