SP market to meet the rectification storm and SP adjustment into the proportion of China UnicomLiu K

elephants also have one feature: upgrading is especially fast. The young people like it very much. The elephant will always be upgraded until it is perfect, and other categories will be developed, because it is very difficult to do this product well. Our goal is to be like apples.

Unicom denied pushing new deal

it is understood that the purpose of this reorganization is to consolidate the mobile information service charges and charges last year, special activities, governance results. Including subscription service, the two confirmation, business publicity, name or content, and the actual content of the provision, whether to use inductive language, unsubscribe difficulties, etc., are the focus of this rectification work. From the 5 this month, the provinces operators have been sent to major SP issued a warning message in advance rectification.

follows from Liu Kenan, founder of the elephant, in the "2014 innovative China incubator program theme training" speech. He shared with entrepreneurs the 10 Internet product laws that were followed by the explosion of elephant condoms.

lead: even if simply grasp the Internet product 10 key points also endless, then. But it sells very expensive, the use of your product is very high cost, there will not be an explosive growth.

fun and easy to use is a unique experience for our products. For example, after opening an elephant, you can automatically distinguish between the positive and negative points, that is, we all like it. Traditional condom users are bought at once. Our product is not the same, it is a relatively complete product experience process. For example, we are also equipped with a garbage bag. Of course, we have some other accessories.

in accordance with previous reports, at the recent meeting of the whole network SP conference, China Unicom announced its new settlement to all SP, the most striking of which is that most of the SP share will be reduced from 80% to 70%. In addition, the new regulations also include no longer renew the whole network SP contract, SP need to re access in all provinces and branches, according to the actual income and settlement, the settlement cycle extended from 3 months to 5 months.

quietly launched the "strike hard".

Liu Kenan: we originally made elephant condoms hereinafter referred to as elephants this product, because we have a lot of young friends around, when talking about condom use, what are the pain points?. Then I would like to design a unique product to solve these problems.

we are selling it primarily through the official website. In this way, users can interact with each other and provide the best service to the user. The first products are all sold through the official website and are now sold by Watsons. Such as Watsons, these channels are active to come to us. When your brand is good enough, the channel will take the initiative to find you.

, according to informed sources, the Ministry of information industry recently released the second bulletin, published a list of 82 illegal enterprises, SP among them, including the telecommunications regulatory agencies shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification of the SP 2 companies, each communication management bureau to investigate and punish the illegal SP involved more than 39 enterprises, operators processing involves repeatedly >

"the news about adjusting SP is purely blind."." Relevant person in charge of China Unicom said that the company did not hold the whole network SP conference. What is different is that China Unicom, one of the whole network SP Hurray century, said it has received a notice, the new share will be formally implemented from April 1st this year. In addition, air network CFO Sun Hanhui in the 2006 fourth quarter and annual earnings analysis meeting, said China Unicom requirements from the beginning of the second quarter, the proportion increased from 20% to 30%. Insiders at another big SP Sohu said they were unaware of the situation.

just Chinese Unicom adjusted SP is divided into the proportion of rumors to raise a Babel of criticism of the occasion, the new round of "strike hard" has quietly. The reporter was informed that from this month, the operators will jointly again at the national level of service fees and charges on the SP inspection. The inspection will focus on all SMS, mobile Internet, voice magazine business.

next >

once the scenery of unlimited SP market, is about to usher in a new round of storm remediation. Reporters recently learned that since March this year, the joint operators in the country of SP service charges and fees for re inspection. At the same time, China Unicom and SP share will be adjusted.

"China Unicom’s new deal, indeed in the near future." An unnamed insiders told reporters that the percentage may not adjust the way across the board, most of the SP from 8:2 to 7:3, CP 5:5 and AP 6:4 into the ratio will remain unchanged.

initially, the elephant users were my friends. When the user becomes your friend, you are sure to do your best to serve him. And then let them influence the friends around him. Our investment in advertising is almost zero. We don’t do any money work, but you can find us in some media. Such as WeChat, these are we can play the hands and feet of communication channels, including everyone looked down on rice chat, watercress, sh419 paste bar, unfamiliar street and so on.

we have a plan now, that is, to make a virtual Internet side of the product, and affect more users. Say you may not understand, in other words we developed the concept is: to find a human desire, an everlasting see through it in a modern way, and the Internet to provide users with services, create benefits.

, like we know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the first layer is about sex. So we were thinking about whether we could use the Internet to make a product, first attract enough users, and then let them buy the actual products, and many of our ideas about the product are like this.

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