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my clients in chat with me to select key, want to put those long tail keywords gave me to Shanghai dragon. But I don’t recommend him! His industry competition is not very intense, but the long tail word is more suitable for the promotion of Shanghai. Generally, the long tail word has such a characteristic, high accuracy, less clicks. If love Shanghai promotion to these words, each word of the price is not very high, and is the charge per click. If the Shanghai dragon to optimize these words, words many words may even tens of thousands, but few clicks, the price is not high. So this kind of word is more suitable for the love Shanghai, words can do big, cost is not high.

The promotion of

Shanghai Shanghai dragon Gu Huiming, Shanghai dragon need occupation ethics, only for the enterprise vital place to think, improve ROI, bring the actual benefit, the healthy development of the industry will be Shanghai dragon.

today Shanghai Shanghai dragon consultant Gu Huiming to visit a customer, and customer communication, found some problems, many do not understand Shanghai Longfeng business owners will be troubled by these problems.

company using the information of its products, the sea of love, this is not difficult. Love Shanghai love Shanghai know Wikipedia, and so on, these products basically have been our industry people to rot. Today Shanghai Shanghai dragon consultant Gu Huiming and customers in the negotiations, made it clear that these services can be completely free. But it is not the third party website optimization method presented, although the same keywords, but if you want the search results page and website and third party website page, which is to say, the same words in the two site optimization. Third party web site keywords ranking optimization offer only than the official website keywords ranking optimization offer a little.

Shanghai dragon is a natural ranking search engine today, talking with customers in the process, the customer has mentioned, whether can occupy more seats in ten natural ranking. This is a very good question, first of all, we start from the analysis of search engine. Search engines are attached great importance to the search experience, when a user searches for a keyword, generally hope to obtain the same information, this also is the variety of information. If a search for a keyword, the enterprise’s official website occupy more than three in ten natural ranking home, then this is the starting point of the search engine and draw further apart. Secondly, from the perspective of the user experience. When a page has a number of similar information, but not easy to be prominent, people pay attention to. Only when the home filled with a variety of different information, the controversial focus, our website will be more eye-catching. So I suggested that when a product search keywords, natural ranking exposed information is not more than three. These three are love products, the company’s official website and third party website owned by Shanghai.

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