Four 2013 keywords selection tool

, for example, beauty.

said, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER is sure to sigh: "again." As long as do Shanghai dragon, common sense is the key concept. So now to talk about words, it will be considered a commonplace talk of an old scholar. However, as the core keywords, Shanghai dragon in that place, there are many. Now, I come to talk about a new era of Shanghai dragon "to place keywords".

users in the search, can be divided into two kinds, searching target and non target search. For example, to search for a movie like the Lord of the rings, the rings of the name itself is the best keywords, and the nature is an alias. But at the same time, the protagonist Frodo is one of the key words and names, can let a person some impressive words such as’ ah ah this white mage, these words are optional lexical category. Instead of the target search is another important search, most people sometimes actually do not know what to look for their own specific. For example, the boring time, want to listen to music, but I don’t know what a nice song, direct search keywords classic songs, words like this is actually a good. I want to watch the news and the direct search "hot news" is non target search, these words are very worth choosing keywords.

The optional Keywords


want to do Shanghai Longfeng, of course also have to carefully select keywords. But with so many optional keywords, very strong. As a search result, can use many different keywords, so how to choose is a big problem. Shanghai dragon ER in the choice of keywords, must be considered, users will love what kind of keywords, the search will use what keywords and so on.


so, what users will love what kind of keywords? In ancient times, Chuang-tzu and Keiko swims at Haoliang, Keiko Chuang-tzu said: "Sir, you know that the fish is happy?" this sentence can also be used in keyword selection on Shanghai dragon ER. We do not know what users, how users love words? But, although we are not the user, but we can stand in the user’s point of view, put yourself in for the sake of users. Only in this way, can we find the true keywords for use by the user, the user keywords identify the heart, in order to make good keywords.

but now the Shanghai dragon ER, don’t know from the user’s point of view the problem? We want to get, people naturally want to get, so there will inevitably be a simple phenomenon. The so-called one boy is a boy, two boys drink, three monks have no water to drink. If there is such a simple phenomenon, so the competition must be very fierce, we are not to discuss what to. The competitiveness and market saturation is inversely proportional to the market, love what words, what keywords market saturation is relatively small, this is the webmaster to consider.



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