ABSP gently back down the June 27th Google PR big update


Google ABSP walked gently, did not take away a cloud, let Chinese countless stationmaster fell dejected. As the oldest "importance of the PR value, the most authoritative evaluation parameters, representing the most classic noble baby ranking algorithms, has been the webmaster of the soul. Although Google is gone, but PR still around us on the website of the values, and affects countless webmaster of daily work, the most common is the Links, you will not find the PR value of the new station, in the process of exchange links is very difficult and helpless, in addition to love Shanghai snapshots, there is no doubt that PR is still part of exchange and trading chain is the most important.

Dragon Boat Festival before the PR value will be updated news, I believe that many webmaster are waiting and watching, yes after the last updated in January 21st, has been more than half a year, Google, do you have we forgotten? Said today (June 27th), should be a commemorative significance day to renew friendship link two cat after dinner, suddenly list website friendship more PR2, PR3 link, CHINAZ webmaster tools is wrong? No! I’ll come back to God, today is Google the PR value update query! After several other stations in the winter and yes, darling, is PR update, rush anniversary:

in order to protect the privacy of the webmaster Links, very sorry has been in front of the website address cut. The fourth column is the site of the PR value, often using CHINAZ Webmaster Tools friends believe will not be unfamiliar, several of my new sites have increased from PR0 to PR2 and PR1. Then I’ll put the news published in several webmaster QQ group, QQ group also lively raged like. Huiguoshenlai immediately wrote this article to Google PR value big update message announcing the webmaster friends, go to check your PR value up? This paper by Taobao Liebo clothing 贵族宝贝21rip.info small cat two original episode, please retain the copyright.

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