Analysis and remedy deficiencies let love Shanghai website included more smoothly

is the so-called dead link, link to the site for a variety of reasons leading to failure, when users access the link and love Shanghai, will return to the 404 error code. This is because most of the dead link generation website or server caused by replacement. This web site and there are a lot of dead links can not get timely treatment, will make love in Shanghai included more difficult.

[]: a shortage of dead links exist, did not receive timely treatment

[three] deficiencies: the abuse of the anchor text


external links everyone will have heard, but also can make the site within "sprocket", using the anchor text can be achieved. Many owners in order to improve the keywords ranking, to use the anchor text, then to create a page link between cycle effect, finally let the spider into the bottomless pit, unable to go out.

# solution: it is not too late, discover their anchor text use too far, you should put the past too much, the anchor text removed connected, in the days after the article also don’t add anchor text, try to be natural, valuable to appear.

[two]: deficiency of site map is not standard or error

[four]: url> deficiency

will allow Shanghai spiders "lost love".

# solution: (1) submit dead link. The love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform "links submitted" tools to submit website links, details please refer to love Shanghai webmaster tools.

# solution: the best use of tools to automatically generate a sitemap, there are many tools available, try to choose the point of authority, such as Webmaster Platform, love Shanghai platform, there is no certain technology best not to produce their own, it will not guarantee.

(2) redirect or delete dead links, if dead link position is not very important, it can be redirected to the home page, if the position is more important, the number is more, you can choose to remove dead links, you can use the tool to delete.

is a web site collected directly shows the quality of the proportion of the various factors affecting the site, love Shanghai included various external factors, such as the love of Shanghai included mechanism of change, there are internal factors, such as the structure of the quality of the website. The author thinks that we should pay more attention to the intrinsic factors of the site, from the site itself to solve the problem of poor love Shanghai included. Here I come and we analyze the inadequacies about the site, and to discuss specific solutions.

many sites will set a site map for love Shanghai included more easily and have to crawl the web, this idea is very good, but if your site map is not standard or wrong,

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