How to improve the four secret love Shanghai included

owners often say " content is king, the chain for the emperor " yes, a website with rich content and the weight of the chain will not be included, certainly not less. But some things are often counterproductive, there is a part of the content and the chain reaction of stationmaster why their websites are very rich, but included why love Shanghai there so few. At this point, I think before seeing a soft appearance of a word like " the chain for the emperor King quality " think carefully. Indeed, the frequency of the number of chain website love Shanghai spider patronage is high, it is very helpful to the weight of the website ranking. So many owners think that the chain as long as there is sufficient, no less The more, the better.. But this is really a loss, the chain is divided into many kinds, some owners in order to increase the number of the chain in a short period of time, so we buy a lot of cheap chain, which is the so-called black chain, black chain site can easily lead to site is down right, even by the K. So for our site outside the chain.


: first select keywords

second: improve the quality of the website chain

every webmaster are very focused on the site’s ranking, a ranking of the site can bring traffic and considerable income for the owners. It is well known that the flow of a website is largely from web site keywords ranking. The first condition of all this is to let love Shanghai website related keywords. First, we must choose some suitable for their own web site keywords, and then to optimize the choice of keywords, the webmaster should analyze the selected keywords, keywords analysis index, competitiveness, correlation and website. Select a keyword after we need to optimize it. In order to attract love Shanghai included, these keywords in the page not too much accumulation, such as take a part in it, if an article inside, webmaster to reflect the number of keywords accumulation, this article seriously affect the user’s reading feeling without purpose of love of spiders in Shanghai will read it. But the consequences not only not included but may lead to fall right. A selection of keywords and webmaster reasonable layout, this will allow the love of spiders in Shanghai frequented sites, including content.

is a collection of love Shanghai webmaster are very concerned about the problem. The importance of the web site included that the webmaster are very clear, our Website Ranking Ranking depends largely on the page where the title and content of the long tail words and key words. Let these words have good qualifying words, the contents of web pages indexed by search engines is a necessary condition, or even if these words choose better ranking can only be clouds. The site you want to get a good ranking, then solve the problems included the love of Shanghai is the primary task. There are many webmaster in doubt, said his website has been very unstable, less time, even is not included, on these issues as I share my love four ways to improve Shanghai included:

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