Of the 3 stations Shanghai dragon core optimization


two elements, a large site, one for small sites, domestic website updated every day a large number of articles, they have their own team, division of labor is very detailed, if the channel page is very large, need a optimized add one to two editors, the staff need to choose keywords optimization optimization, selection key words, content needs into key elements, always without words, each category of what needs to be done, whether in the keyword content title, keywords, search the user needs, this is the optimization of personnel need to do. If it is a small site, only need to select the main keywords, to select the column page keywords, taking into account the page, taking into account the content. If you apply for a portal, facing the keyword matching, such as classification, search results page Changsha second-hand car, second-hand car trading market, like, if only to provide a ranking of models, there is no advantage, most of them are ranked 58, go to the market, or trading site, these platforms will take this ranking. Keywords these sites are made, such as the transfer of second-hand car, driving school, 4S shop, bicycle, what kind of car most frequently, the matching degree is higher, but with the directory do, because there are a lot of matches, do is a special form of the page score is very high. Changsha, search the second-hand car trading is needed, it can not meet the needs of a single. Since it is concerned about the transaction, related is the price, brand, these are the periphery of the demand, so choose the car brand, type, cars are the same level of the car, the car, from the point of view, is very principled. These lists are of very good, so the ranking is the study of the words related to the content. We can refer to the U.S. mission network, it has done very well. The small website is considered matching keywords, is user search words and words are the same we do. (Shanghai dragon new technology exchange group, _, 138426856, for the new era of Shanghai dragon Er to build a harmonious Shanghai dragon home, so that we can quickly progress!)

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do so long Shanghai dragon may be some people in the tangle how to do false original, some people are entangled in what place the hair of the chain, and the station is our core, depending on the keyword ranking, optimize the station outside of Shanghai dragon belongs to the vote, such as falling in love with the sea to your site a this link is to vote.

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is not the first to think of the station do look good search engine will love it, Ali now, such a giant Tencent in pursuit of what? An experience that is minimalist, we all know that love Shanghai products, is very simple and easy to use, so that there is a return rate. Our website and foreign difference is, a bloated, a minimalist, next Chongqing Shanghai dragon Ceng Xiaolong to speak of 3 core elements.

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