BSP blog promotion details Public opinions are divergent have you noticed

blog points independent blog and BSP blog, I said here is the BSP blog, the common Sina, Tianya, love Shanghai space, Sohu, NetEase and so on. The blog promotion is a website or forum to help enhance the visibility, gather popularity, to allow more people to join the exchange platform in the way of success, but want to use blog to promote to pay attention to the details:

second: to create a high quality blog, high quality original Bowen, both to ensure the user’s interests, and can cause the search engine’s favorite. Although the search engine love high quality original Bowen, Bowen updated every day but also to control the number of the two or three or so, and not more, the spider is more love, but will feel disgusted. Early blog do not add any links or text aim, it is easy to do by the spider’s mind, will not be accepted, even the possibility of K or some. Of course, even after the sight can add text, the best control in 3-5. Post appropriate with keywords is possible, and the tag set, these are to be noticed.

: the first course in the decoration decoration blog, blog before, how to better choose the blog platform is very important, the key is to "fine", not that I introduced. To start a new blog is to choose a template, good-looking and practical template is definitely the best, can attract people’s attention. The blog title, keywords and description is the core content, because you have to let others see in your blog, a look that is what the others look for a long time do not know what you really want to push, it is certainly failed. Of course, before general in the blog will certainly have a good analysis of key words, the title and description of the content should be appropriate with the main keywords, but the density should be moderate. The classification set up blog, to establish the corresponding classification according to the demand for the promotion of the website, browse the blog. The best blog classification set to target the long tail keywords, choose some competitiveness not too big words, it is easier to do.

again: the establishment of station group blog, if only by a single site internal advantage is difficult to obtain rankings in search engines, choose some of their related blog, establish standing group, such as shared resources, mutual reprint articles can increase the flow, effectively improve the site’s ranking with PR improve the value >

said the word "website promotion", do not estimate Shanghai dragon is not familiar with, and my mind will emerge out of many promotion methods, such as blog promotion, forum, QQ group, line, Links etc.. Different types of websites need different ways to promote the site, use at the same time, bring us a different way of promotion effect is different, we need according to the business needs, choose the right platform for the promotion of. Today the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) to share how to use blog promotion to achieve our desired effect.

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