Enterprise ZhengZhan optimization ideas of how to increase the flow of Shanghai Dragon


with the Shanghai dragon service is widely perceived. Shanghai Longfeng service more and more enterprises, everything has two sides, while the traditional enterprise stand optimization is mainly optimized for several main keywords, if some of the more popular keywords, so even if is optimized to love the first page of Shanghai cannot give site bring much traffic. So the future of the enterprise will be determined by the station optimization keyword optimization to the whole optimization, or is the integration of network marketing more popular. Nonsense not pull, so enterprise station to ZhengZhan optimization? To increase Shanghai Longfeng flow from what way? Following a customer to the website as an example, figure:

second: good dispersion flow

: the first increase enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng landing page

site to the optimization of the main keywords and long tail word is not enough, enterprises also do a good job of dispersion flow through >

already mentioned above, enterprise web site is very small, and worthy of the optimization of the page less, is nothing more than a product page, the page for news is not worth the optimization. But the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises station products are very few, so we can go to the appropriate increase in Shanghai Longfeng landing page, for example: a topic in the form of web pages to several of the same type products together to do comparison, this can also facilitate customers to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different products, just take the author made this effect the website, can put the map into a variety of indoor project page, warm, fashion and so on various types of. In addition each product page is best combined with a review of the function, the convenience of customers online message and published on a product view.

this is a picture based enterprise station, the main keywords: drawing, interior renderings, architectural renderings, pictures too much is not conducive to do optimization, so the enterprise station add a class of information section, almost all enterprises have similar company news section, and the enterprise because the station the content is less, so I want to get a large number of long tail words some difficulty, after all, a keyword page set not too much, ZhengZhan optimization and keyword optimization without what essential difference, just ZhengZhan optimization get more meaningful to try to optimize the flow, the long tail word is a kind of method. But the long tail word search volume is small, so only a large number of long tail words have meaning.

may be a lot of enterprises are not stand to make the product page by love Shanghai included, originally the product page is very small, we should try our best to make these pages included, but the product description is a big problem. Common repeat product description is not only difficult to be love Shanghai included, but can not attract customers, so the product description should focus on writing, highlighting the product features. The page can be sorted out the layout of the long tail word, Shanghai dragon landing page should be closely related with the long term, it is best to do a long tail word statistics.

Enterprise Station of Shanghai Dragon

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