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record with certification is not essential for most sites, except of course on the domestic site, you are not on the record are not on the line, what about the Shanghai dragon. The certification and registration is generally the policy and regulatory factors, certification and part of the commercial factors. The Shanghai dragon for individuals that can play a role of authority or official endorsement. But I think that the current search engines should not need to use the information on the site of the birth to be identified, of course, his own institutions and non-profit certification should still have some positive points.

certification. There was a time to get the site certification, in addition to the business red shield, free for public security certification of the country prefix, also including all kinds of business licenses, three parties including love Shanghai, a good search with trusted site authentication, the official website of authentication is profit, and does not have the authority too strong. But some special signs can have certain advantages in the eye-catching page click on the choice, may also be a factor to promote Shanghai dragon. I personally think that the official certification authority must be a plus, excluding phishing sites, fraud suspect sites etc.. At least that non operating small workshops, but formal qualifications, the love of Shanghai or other search engines recommend to users of similar goods is a reference value, as a right value with the user comments or score. So the regular station can be as much as possible to do certification.

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said the first record, site or short-term business site you put foreign. Once the profit level of website, inconvenience out, such as the foreign host not maintenance, downtime, was attacked only to find a service provider, the efficiency is low, to a certain size you must self server must have put home, not for the record. Shanghai dragon, your host is not stable, will be affected, do not directly affect. The record at the end of the day, is to give you the site ID card, into the regulatory system, so you do not do bad things. Because of this factor, naturally implicated more likely to be small, illegal cheating site less.

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