The website of Shanghai Longfeng Er threshold will be increased

we all know, Shanghai dragon Chinese stands for search engine optimization.

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng data benchmark, obtained through the search engine to find a keyword, the search results will show hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of related information, related information. While the ordinary user’s energy is limited, can not read every search information, it needs to make their choices. For ordinary people, usually choose to view about 10 results, there is a need to organize information.

the answer is: the first 3 pages of search engine. This result is in the exclusion of love Shanghai love Wikipedia, Shanghai library, Shanghai love to know, love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love after love results in a product, certainly also includes the exclusion of some popular word of love for Shanghai. There is a special case, when the user has a strong demand for search content, the user’s choice will be extended to 10 pages, or 20. For example: the user is looking for the recently released a movie to play online, HD, also support the Shanghai love video, the first 3 pages if the search engine can not meet the needs of users, so users will find 10 pages, or 20. Do fans crazy like this? The answer is certainly, because this is a newly released movie, and users have a strong demand for it.

first of all, we have to analyze why Shanghai dragon Er will be born. Shanghai dragon is an important component of network marketing, in the face of the Internet so vast information, the primary purpose is to pursue the Shanghai dragon website ranking. Said the popular point, is to promote the enterprise website in a short time visibility, so that more people can be more directly through the search engine to find us, understand us, so as to enhance our competitive strength in the industry.

, however, how the relevant search results in many want to put your website in the top 10, the difficulty as can be imagined. For a senior Shanghai dragon Er, a non popular keywords, it may take 2 months to do up the rankings, but for a popular keywords, may need half a year, even a year to make up the ranking. If the site does not pass Shanghai dragon Er to operate layout optimization, basically no chance by natural ranking on the search engine home.

then the 10 results will appear in the

through the site to Shanghai dragon rushed to the site optimization, search >

where? The According to

search engine algorithm upgrade, update, change the rules, lead to a search engine on the website of the natural ranking of increasingly stringent audit, there is such a viewpoint for this phenomenon, a lot of people, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimize future will inevitably fall into a bottleneck, some say Shanghai dragon Er will disappear in the future may. The author based on years of experience of Shanghai dragon to elaborate the necessity of website optimization.

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