The picture of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

3. Alt and Title attributes

add the relevant information in the pictures around. If you use the noble baby search pictures, will be found, in each picture have a descriptive text, the keywords are shown in bold type. Noble baby pictures search through the analysis near the picture on the page text, caption and many other elements to determine the content of the picture. So add description information contains the keyword in the picture around can optimize the website image search engine ranking.

for you to take a picture descriptive, your target keywords file name. If you have a picture of a lovable parrot, then it should be used like parrot.jpg with a description of the nature of the file name, instead of using the code name is t123.jpg, of course, also can make the file name tag and the ALT content inside the same or consistent. Do not casually use the name pic1234.jpg, but should be more clearly described by the name of cute-parrot.jpg.

2. standard should be 5 key labels included: SRC, width, height, ALT and title. The alternate text (ALT) to the image in your document viewer to provide the words for those who cannot see. Title is a supplement to the picture and additional instructions, if necessary in the mouse after picture text should appear with attribute title. The key for alt tags. For example, such as a picture, the length and width of 239× 104. It should be standard HTML Code:

use hyperlinks to open the picture, then the hyperlink name should contain pictures of keywords, such as you want to link a lovely parrot picture, it would be inappropriate to use the "click to get full size" as the link text, but should try to use a named form such as "lovely parrot".

pictures and web page content must be related: the first thing is not to access the web visitors browse pictures, but will let visitors in the pages of a longer stay. (according to the research results, eye tracking when browsing the text prior to the picture, but look at the printed articles, people will look at the picture. Although the people watching the web will look at the words on the page, but the picture will make them stay longer and have a deep impression on the page)


what is the difference?Contains the Picture

1. in the picture of the ALT label (alternate text) add keywords, this is one of the most important points in the Shanghai dragon picture. For example:

Picture embedded code

use Tag for pictures on the label. As in the use of photo storage service like Flickr, it is best for the picture with tag.

point to the picture links to include keywords.

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