What the chain approach to the construction of high quality is

1 General requirements, in order to make true, contribute article goes through, ordinary people to brag about his ability. Like when we learn a composition, are fictional story. The submission is not written script, the content requirements of authenticity, it is best to add pictures to prove it, improve the authenticity of the.

website every day to review a submitted article, is not possible for every script has a magnifying glass to study. This article must be clear, each segmented content is best described, this website editor can quickly understand about your content, improve the manuscript examination pass rate.

said the submission is spacious road, because the chain can bring different contribution. The submission, I believe it is a way of the construction of the chain webmaster are respected, because of the weight of the chain has relatively high. But there are a large number of websites reproduced, there are a variety of sites outside the chain for the website, can be said to be "secure". But contribute to the relatively high quality requirements. Because of the help of the chain for site is the largest, the Shenzhen website construction company has said some contribute some skills:

3, the article should have readability of

is the site of the submission, learn foreign high quality of the article, so your article will help users, users can see the access to knowledge, users have to rely on this site, such as A5 and home owners. They by this way is to quickly build a well-known website.

, a spacious road, high quality articles for publication

2, this should clear

writing ideas can be a daily summary of the work, such as what problems encountered in the work, through what method, methods and steps in detail. This article not only can help you enhance memory, can help users. The starting point of A5 is to help the grassroots, so his article is the audit requirements, to be able to help to solve the webmaster, such as experience, problem solving methods and so on; the owners of the house is relatively strong professional articles, general personal diary will not pass, and this is the A5 where differences exist; the w3so audit requirements are relatively simple, but are not popular in front of two stations, the reprint rate is not much, but this is the bright younger generation, worthy of attention.


as the saying goes "to CAITONG, must pass", there are many places to drive the economy is the first highway. Similarly, the construction site is like a city built in an uninhabited place. The city people want to increase religious Road, outside the chain is outside the road leading to the site. There are many kinds of road types, such as spacious road, highway and meandering path etc.. The chain also has many types, today I would like to share common "roads" experience.


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