What search launched the blue model let the search results from the traditional link

also, in content aggregation, blue mode no longer stay in Box Computing the first result or the first screen optimization, but the search results will make the overall combing.

according to the introduction, with the traditional search results appear simple single card type is different, what mode to the immersion Blu ray content from search results and pictures show the clever integration, immediately browse the results, provide high value Yan visual and interaction affinity for different user interface.

what search launched the "blue mode": let the search results to bid farewell to the traditional link

what search product general manager Ceng Honglei explained that the "blue" mode is on the one hand allows users to bid farewell to the traditional search web links, showing "APP" mobile search interaction, on the other hand the use of large data and knowledge of artificial intelligence, the user needs and scene recognition, accurate matching information and services.

Ceng Honglei pointed out that, although compared to PC, the mobile phone screen is much smaller, but the innovation space is much larger.

from the show, in the film, tourism, college entrance examination, NBA and other hot search, the search results show what is no longer a traditional link arrangement, interactive interface is redesigned, experience more and more independent approach APP.

[TechWeb] October 13th news reports, the Alibaba’s what search announced the launch of mobile search interactive products "Blu ray mode."

"box calculation concept has been nearly ten years, these ten years, knowledge map and deep learning technology can change rapidly, a lot of innovation in the era of PC impossible." Ceng Honglei said. (natural rain)

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