The site of the internal links and the construction of the chain what you know


, a super chain form, the external quality of even chain or very engaging, but doing it hard, can be implanted into the party method at present is the forum, then is the message board and message blog, and ask that platform. The weight of the chain link form on the website of the increase is very helpful.


internal links mainly need to pay attention to the site navigation to clear, it is best to use text to do even chain. The article can add anchor text related to the chain or even bold, each article with a best end of a call and related articles. Chain layout should pay attention to prioritize, website homepage, column channel, directory and list again, and finally the article page. Key words in the article try not to pile up, there will not affect the natural law. The last is the site of the inside pages and whether there is dead even chain.

two, the anchor text of the chain, is one of the most essential website ranking, webmaster is through blog and forum to anchor text links, in order to improve the keywords ranking, can do the anchor text as much as possible for certain keywords, but to avoid excessive optimization. Avoid including anchor text all use the same keywords, at the same time, the source of the link website also should be diversification, rather than a large number of links from several web sites.

three, pure text outside the chain, the chain is pure text, no URL parsing, text links, I pro test the importance of large enterprises for station and the railway station, the effect is very good. To improve the multi station weight, pure text links need to do more. Don’t ignore.


the construction of the chain form, have even the chain, anchor text and text connection.

website optimization is the content and the chain, we all know that "content is king, the chain for emperor", the construction of the chain and the internal optimization and you know how much? Now the construction of the chain than ever before, the forum signature, blogs and message boards to add nofollow tags, classified information network audit is very difficult by, want to send the chain but also very difficult, but we still say the chain should be diversified, so we do the chain at the same time in the choice of keywords ranking and website also increased the weight of the site is very important. At the same time, we also can not ignore the internal links website. So how to do the internal links and external chain website

internal links and external links (i.e. links) on the contrary, internal links refers to the same site content page link to each other. Such as the channel and column, ultimate content page links and keywords Tag links between stations can be classified as internal links, so the internal links we can also called Sitelinks, optimization of the internal links is actually on the website of the internal links optimization. Simple said is connected to the A page, B page.

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