The difference between the website and user perspective from the perspective of the spider

webmaster friends will think so, even if this is not cheating? I think it is very likely, such as "< a; href = " title = URL" " A, B, keyword keywords keywords C" > A / a keywords < > A and B/C, the key words here if the meaning of the agreement or related, so is desirable, but if the B/C and A content is profound, and even a little relationship has nothing to do, so here is the spider’s perspective and user perspective does not match the search engine found cheating is very prominent.


We look at the

spider perspective and user perspective: what is the difference, I believe that many webmaster know this, some new Adsense may still do not understand, some owners may not understand the problem, usually the problem seriously, but I want to share with you a spider perspective and user perspective,

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web page, in the search for "love Shanghai Beida Jade Bird", click on the station love Shanghai snapshots, we can find the navigation bar below shows only 1 column content, dynamic page and four columns of the original can be switched only one can display. That is to say to see from the spider’s perspective, there is only one part of the content; to see from the user’s point of view, it is a dynamic column 5.

When there is a

webmaster website design some of the important contents of the user does not directly comment out or through CSS or JS to hide, actually this is not visible to the user perspective, the spider can find local perspective. Well, some help file some of the races are repeated, this time, we can screen out those duplicate content by robots.txt, so in the user’s perspective, this page has some duplicate content; but from the perspective of the search engine is a completely original website.

love Shanghai talked about when to our station suggested, "the content of the website should be user oriented, but also the site of a regular visitor search engine, users do not place any visible, or to deceive the user’s content, may be as a search engine for cheating". At present, most of the sites are tab, when the mouse in this position on the show, not sliding hide, we can see that search engine is not invisible to the user exists on the page, but you can see the contents of the search engine.

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