Site optimization of deep mining of the specific content to go through those steps

we know, whether in the past or in the future, content optimization is a key point in website optimization process we need to pay attention to, as an important content of the master degree in order to enhance the ranking from self-evident, and flow only with the content, your website can form more pages with keywords page you can layout more. Your keywords can get flow and ranking. From the customer value perspective, the user enters your website, how to attract and retain your customers, and nothing else, for you to provide them with valuable articles, to meet their needs. In view of this we can find that the content is always optimization basis but also the most crucial details, so we should go through the analysis of the details and the construction of high-quality

second update, we must protect the quality of the content. Whether users write articles or their content are required to strictly control and check for the quality of the content is the core value, write your own articles we can well control the quality for the user, the spontaneous written article that we should examine in the release, the quality of how we judge? First of all, the original. Must be original content. Secondly, this paper is aiming at the quality to set the title of some novel and unique value expression to support. Finally, the article should pay attention to in the process of writing the layout, for example, the paragraph is clear, distinct, and all we need to pay attention to the details.


third, deep mining user needs to provide targeted articles. The so-called deep content, which is based on user needs, analysis of user needs, the user needs to refine these points, and then the user needs to establish the corresponding content of the page, and the different needs of users by which pages, what kind of content to meet the needs of users can be? The website of deep content using up this time, which will be a lot of useful information out to show to the user. For example, millet mobile phone users to search specific what do? "

first, to ensure the normal update. We can update the website maintenance thought through two aspects, firstly, website managers such as web edit, edit and update their own daily general small and medium-sized enterprise is such a mode of operation. Second, is to let the user for the website such as hematopoiesis, A5 station network, users release the soft chain weight, got high value network owners of the original article, this is not good content to achieve a win-win strategy and website users, general information websites need let users for the site hematopoietic function. No matter what kind of update, the update when we must pay attention to some basic skills, such as the use of long tail keywords mining, web site keywords layout and the title of the article is a knowledge. According to their different types of site we choose different update strategies, the small and medium-sized enterprise webmaster product class site professional knowledge strong degree or choose their own update as well.

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