Shanghai Longfeng overnight experience the difference between heaven and hell

so in the next time, I will for this keyword name + blog, to continue in-depth optimization is exactly the same as in the past, after all, it is my personal Xiong Wei, if users through my name + blogs are unable to search my website, this website also is really valuable s’

"was written in November 20, 2013, the copyright to the directory catalog of all customers, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝mulu>

!Xiong Wei

was saying as I speculate that even if this ranking will fall situation should be in Shanghai for a week tomorrow love a small update, but did not expect even on Wednesday appeared in this situation, I make some unexpected.

! In fact, !

2, adding a large number of updates,

everybody should know, love Shanghai is belong to the kind of ruthless a class, last night, I again experienced overnight the difference between heaven and hell


please look at the picture above, the keywords in the search on the map, I Nanchang Shanghai dragon blog ranking or some, just from yesterday’s first fall to today’s third bits and fifth bits, so the phenomenon can only say, that is the weight of these words I have and not stable, is ranked just because of a love Shanghai algorithm caused by the deviation of

1, modify the site title.

finally, talk about some personal reflections:

last night I wrote an article called "a lot of the time we just one step away from success" article, probably because of the reason of my sorrow, the Nanchang Shanghai dragon blog name + blog keywords, the search engine in Shanghai stayed only less than a day, once again disappeared! That is heaven and hell really is not a fake



3, blind chain

does not know, it is because of your usual and these abnormal behavior, but is often the result of your website problems arch-criminal

I think everyone in the optimization of the web site, just to put a good attitude, not because of a search engine optimization behavior changed the direction of your own! I believe that in the near future, my blog will return to Shanghai first love again, I will continue to follow-up tracking website, give you a briefing


but I think a lot of friends in touch like I was such a problem, always the first time will think of your site is down the right, is not to be punished or even love Shanghai K station, in fact, a large part of the time we are because these invisible in panic, and made a mistake the behavior will lead to the site problem, for example:

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