Shanghai Longfeng website optimization and network game of different approaches but equally satisfac

The level of how to practice

is alone in this website, the network game which we call solo, engage in the site inside the circle we call the grassroots webmaster. If a group of people engaged in this website, in the network game which we call the team or group, or guild like. While engaged in site inside the circle, we can call this team or company.


you know, the website of Shanghai dragon is a competition between any of the first names only one keyword. Although we do Shanghai Longfeng, generally are not directly to the public’s I can do it first. But in fact, the heart is at first to go. However, PK can win the first website, the first website under pressure in the body, they occupy the first throne, this really depends on your site level is higher than the others. This is very similar to playing online games, your level is much higher than others, even if the PK technology in the poor, also can rely on the advantages of grade and easily beat his opponent.


Liu Jun has played many online games, such as legend, later World of Warcraft. Lian Ji is a very boring thing, constantly Daguai experience value, then a higher level can put more equipment, learn more powerful skill. Do website, this is a repeated leveling things, constantly updates to the site more original content, to provide more high quality outside the chain to the site, keep the site level to practice.

website of Shanghai Longfeng, need more repeated accumulation, the weight of high site, in order to gain an advantage in competition on the keywords to defeat the opponent. Playing online games and PK, the level of equipment are very important factors, how to grade too far, even in PK technology, can not beat each other. The website to beat the competition in key words, if the website weight and the other too far, even in the Shanghai Dragon technology is not good.

level is too low is the lack of PK capital

one leveling is very boring, but a person’s strength is limited. A lot of boss win, a person in high grade, equipment in good can’t win them a guild. This website is cooked, saying, team strength, unity is strength. Even Chairman Mao taught us to develop team spirit, to create a better future. So many webmaster, all alone try to set up their own team.

Liu Jun engage in a few years, too many years of network game, make the website really and play online games are very similar, in website of Shanghai Longfeng, need to increase website weight and keywords ranking competition people, get more traffic and users, and make a profit. Play online games to constantly improve the level of leveling, better equipment, and then the others Pk, playing a copy of boss, finally get the level of equipment and better, to win.

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