How to design the program clear navigation

navigation is an important part of a website, if it is likened to a person, then the navigation is a person’s head. The core module so we have to put on the website in the navigation module, the core refers to the website main features and advantages of the product or service. Then click on the corresponding link can reach the column topic page corresponding to the left and right side position at the same time the location of the navigation is generally located below the head or the head of the page. The average user is to browse down from left to right, the. So it is important to put in the upper left corner, is not important in the lower right corner.


website breadcrumb navigation page on the site can be judged clearly in the whole structure of the position, so the use of bread crumbs navigation right has a very good help for the establishment of the website structure, especially for large and medium-sized websites, especially important. At the same time, but also conducive to spider crawling and tracking of the corresponding column.

The default It is very important to use

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navigation structure clear, both for the users and the search engines are very important. The user can through the site navigation system is excellent quickly and easily find the information they need, the search engine can be reasonably efficient navigation to web page index, so clear navigation system is an important goal of program design of the site, here the writer’s personal views about how to design a clear navigation structure. I hope to help you.

site navigation recommended logo

Design of navigation

we may need to consider is the navigation we put what content? Let us consider that the user needs to see what came to our site for this? So we can design navigation and search engine from the user experience point of view.


3, navigation of the layout is very important

5, click on the navigation distanceThe optimization of

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER all know that navigating a web site keywords layout is very important, its weight is relatively home is relatively high, so if in the navigation layout set of keywords, can improve the weight of column page and column page target keywords ranking.


this is a search engine design perspective, many programmers love with pictures, flash navigation links, sometimes in order to facilitate the use of some of the JavaScript program, which is very unfavorable for the crawling of search engine, so in order to reduce the obstacles for crawling search engine. I recommend using HTML text navigation, while the use of CSS style can also be designed we want visual effect so as to achieve a good user experience.

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website of bread crumbsThe use of

1, website content ranking rationalization

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