Keywords the difficulty of evaluation standard of website optimization

this is the most practical, a key love Shanghai index is very high, not necessarily competition; if a domain name is not how much.

standard: love Shanghai index.

keyword is popular, can love Shanghai index reflected. Although Shanghai has serious love index high, but the reaction is a keyword has a fever or can do. A keyword is prompted in Shanghai said the lack of data index can not be displayed, and a keyword retrieval of thousands of times every day show in Shanghai love index, the difficulty of the competition is certainly not the same. In general, in addition to some new keywords, the difficulty level is increased along with the love of Shanghai index, because no matter who all love keywords have the market, the more people love, people do more, accordingly, the greater the difficulty.


in an industrial field, a lot of keywords is basically no index in Shanghai love index, but fell in love with the sea search this keyword, will find a very top-level domain name website, most of these sites is the enterprise stand, they are the keywords set for the key words, and then doing more or less optimization. Site optimization projects such as the individual to undertake the www.ruibaiji贵族宝贝 customer requirements, four words, four words in love Shanghai index is basically no index, but for these four words to make a web site optimization is not in the minority. So, the number in Shanghai in search results of a domain name to view a keyword, the keyword method is more difficult to optimize the evaluation, if we view the top 100 search results, if 100 is a domain name, then the keyword difficulty is 10; if there are 90 a domain name, then this keyword optimization difficulty is 9, and so on, scoring less, the smaller the difficulty. Although not so precise, but basically this method is accurate.

standard three: love Shanghai search results ranking optimization of the site before the.

a website to search engine optimization, keyword selection is a very important link. Choosing the right keywords, follow-up work is easier to carry out the Shanghai dragon; and if the keyword selection error, the competition is too big too difficult words do not go up is not what effect, small keywords competition without flow effect is not good. In addition, the Shanghai dragon practitioners, given how the keywords for the customer offer, the degree of difficulty of the need to examine a keyword. So, in this paper, in view of the above described the phenomenon of brief introduction of website in search engine optimization work, the degree of difficulty of how to judge a keyword, so as to help the webmaster friends choose more appropriate keywords, but also provide a difficulty according to the key words on the website optimization quotation standard for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners.

: the number of standard two level domain name search results in the love of Shanghai.

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