n the case of phpwind share the use of nofollow

appeared on the website of the top of the home page links, apparently can get high weight links, natural can get good phpwind to crawl, "password", "today the number of Posts" and "members" links are added the nofollow attribute (red background line), obviously these for users that could not have to search in the search engine, so these pages included is of no value.

the following example of phpwind sharing method of use of nofollow:

2, reduce some pages over grab

we all know, the use of the nofollow attribute can effectively inhibit the spam message. But many owners have a misunderstanding, think not to grab the nofollow attribute links will not transfer the weight to the nofollow attribute of natural links, other sites link will be assigned more weight. Obviously, any search engine wouldn’t make such a mistake, let the distribution Shanghai Longfeng Er through the nofollow attribute to conveniently manipulate the weights. When we really understand Google launched the nofollow attribute of the mind, we will understand the true meaning of where we bring nofollow. In fact tell the spider which links need to crawl, which pages are meaningless. This allows us to reduce the invalid page for web spider crawls through the nofollow attribute, nature can enhance the spider to crawl the page weight value.


nofollow is a Google 05 push out of the role is to tell the spider on the nofollow properties of the links are not going to crawl, Google launched the purpose of nofllow is to deal with the increasingly rampant cheating group. After more and more aware of the Shanghai dragon Er nofollow for Shanghai Longfeng benefits began to appear in some applications of nofollow techniques.

web page is an important index of Shanghai Longfeng, especially for large, a day visit the site spider impossible to put all of the pages are crawled again, if the spider just stay in for the old page or invalid pages to crawl, want to have full assurance website is included a very difficult thing. After the nofollow attribute to this problem a solution depending on the.


with phpwin>

Here is a selection of

like "post" link two, phpwind nofollow off one, apparently reduce the spiders crawl for posting the page, let the spider to grab more posts.

1, don’t tell the spider grab pointless link

The amount included in

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