Must have in the site before some Shanghai Longfeng quality

data every day

first to familiarize yourself with the website structure and related knowledge of


every day to see the data for the owners and all Shanghai dragon is essential to work, of course not to see changes according to the data analysis, in general, PV and IP to know the meaning of UV, traffic sources and time periods must be mastered, the higher the degree of master data, better able to understand the changes before and after the execution the. In addition, we should also learn to look competitor data and some keyword index data, if the opponent’s words you do not form but the conversion also brings not much traffic, it will need to change the strategy, change the keywords, if the site has a good flow but the bounce rate is very high, the residence time is short. This shows that web site keywords optimization is effective, but not attractive, in addition to Shanghai dragon, also need to increase.

has a certain ability of planning

in the site before the first to write his site planning book, although this is not necessarily the plan book to others, but also must have a clear aim and content in detail, it is necessary to have some ability to plan, but I think as a general want to create a site will generally have their own the thoughts and ideas, planning ability will not be too bad, but I’m here said the planning ability including the integrity of the site in addition to the content of the website positioning direction and website profit point, including the Shanghai dragon plan ability, tittle description and keywords in the site before the plan has been good for each page, after the line on the site is not included to modify, if you can afford good planning for Shanghai Longfeng project, if can be planned out after the website would push in Guangzhou will become simple and easy.

I once knew many stationmaster station, do not understand completely to the structure of the web site, what we have to rely on friends to help, want to change something very troublesome, the effect is not ideal, now through their own learning, to understand the domain, including the server (or space), page technology, web design, website function, program development and the database, according to how to more favorable Shanghai Longfeng arbitrary changes and transformation framework, sometimes the website needs to change when that knowledge is more important, so I suggest that all the owners in a certain understanding of the website structure and then go to the station to.

station is very convenient and the cost is low, if the use of free space and some free domain words can say zero cost can station station, many people we began to have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, but there are still many webmaster think after site to do Shanghai dragon, actually qualified order is not correct in the site before, must have the quality of Shanghai dragon, or to plan in Shanghai Longfeng site after it will waste a lot of time, here are some of my personal qualities that Shanghai Longfeng station must have the site before:

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Now station

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