Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform live 5th Anniversary

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform since 2012 on the line, as a bridge of love Shanghai search and docking site only, has been committed to providing data query, website search engine optimization tools and other services for 5 years, products continue to update, ecology continues to open up, has become the world’s largest search traffic management for Internet Chinese Internet management mobile developers, entrepreneurs, the official platform, the site has been 3 million 100 thousand Webmaster Platform love Shanghai.


every day into the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, interactive 2 hours, holidays are no exception, faithful iron

Webmaster Platform head of operations Zheng Na said at the meeting: first came to see Webmaster Platform, we hold the meeting has not been finished, the participants will leave, no, we are going to talk about Adsense need something, we can not just talk. So, in the past five years, more than 30 training auditorium full dry cargo and salon, opened the prelude to love Shanghai search to open, each activity is full, full participation in the meeting industry webmaster, very good response, and further narrow the gap between the platform and the distance from the site.

review of the historical development Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, love Shanghai before Webmaster Platform Product Manager Wang Tao said: in the beginning we just wanted to do a webmaster to use Sitemap tools, and then we do site communicate constantly have a modular products, up to now, to see so many sites in with so many of our platform, we are very pleased.

activities organized in the form of Party since it is not natural, a variety of games, fun quiz, skipping the answer, lips and other Straw game participants play high. The site said that every day by the boss to see the data for a long time not playing so happy, but also learned a lot before didn’t focus on the tools and knowledge.

blessing wall, site have to write about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 5th anniversary wishes: "every day to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform interactive browsing, 2 hours, holidays are no exception," "I’m sorry faithful iron! At the age of 5, did not accompany, but I would have been.

August 31, 2016, Shanghai 5th Anniversary – love Webmaster Platform iron party Carnival held in Beijing on schedule the Sanlitun moon bar, including cctv贵族宝贝, people贵族宝贝.cn, tuba rabbit, Pacific computer network, more than 100 Web site managers participated in the event.



Party start, opening by the Shanghai love search architect Dr. Zhu Yong, as Shanghai love search technology leader, Dr. Zhu Yong said: love in search of Shanghai as an important entrance of the Internet, the future site and cooperation will be more, and the site together with the Internet search experience to do the best.


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