The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process should avoid these six problems

, a web site to avoid Links problems

four, choose to avoid the difficult optimization keywords

Although many reasons

site is down right, but the site Links is definitely a very important one, if the site is down right, should promptly check the chain, see each other site is k, can not access, slow access and other issues, if the website chain has many other no links to their websites that is, the need for timely treatment, otherwise there will be problems of abnormal website data, so check on the website Links this is a must.

keyword difficult optimization? Can judge whether the word is easy to optimize by what means? Key words difficult to optimize keywords is the degree of competition and the relatively large heat. You can judge whether the word difficult to optimize in what way? Can love Shanghai index, search engine rankings, natural love Shanghai promotion, "data such as the number of keywords to judge whether the word is easy to optimize.

What is the website update rules to avoid


well-known website TDK three label is the page or site in the rankings plays a very important role, especially now title, description tags are not often change, so the search engines focus on these two tags, keywords tags in the ranking of the weight is very small. General often do Shanghai Longfeng students wouldn’t make such a problem, only the industry novice may appear this problem, if you change a new search engine will grab one, if it is just a new station, then the search engine will delay included your station, or your web sites and has been included in Shanghai love but, do not put the search index library is the front, only exists in the search engine and the user can not see.

if the site update rules will result in the search engines is not timely, not included in the search engine to cannot participate in the ranking, let alone.

now many enterprises pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon, in the strength of the input, but a short time to see if the effect is relatively slow, but because of the unreasonable operation causes the weight drop or it is easy to have other problems, today I will share what should avoid the wrong operation, to ensure site quality operation.

Shanghai dragon industry there is a saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, showing the importance of the chain, the quality of the chain is more favored by search engines. The site in the search engine rankings, weight and keywords ranking are not the quality of the chain to help, if you do not pay attention to the quality of the chain and focus only on the number of it will cause a lot of garbage outside the chain, a long time or reaches a default amount of search engine website will produce a wave, so try to avoid low quality links.

two, to avoid frequent changes to the site TDK

three, avoid low quality links

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