Website solution Shanghai hijacking the spider love

love Shanghai spider hijacked is black hat Shanghai dragon Er through a variety of non normal means, love Shanghai hijacked a search engine spider, its performance is: love Shanghai snapshot is a page, click the user enter the site to see another page. The technical principle of love: the love of spiders in Shanghai hijacking hijacking Shanghai search engine spiders and search engine traffic into the target site. Of course, this is a lot of high-end black hat Shanghai dragon style, is not an exaggeration to say that some large domestic portal station; Wangzhuan Master; private industry. Keywords high gray industry competition, are involved in.

in general, if the three queries of the title is the original title and description, that their website does not have this problem. If this happens I say. The solution of love spiders in Shanghai is the first time to check the hijacking Trojan file exists its own website space, under normal circumstances are the global.asa, this time it is necessary to put the file name to rename, this time the Trojans will not be controlled by others, because this is where we delete the Trojan file out. Only the space have permission to delete. Trojan file rename after taking this let a space to help remove the Trojan horse. The following figure:

How to check the

client website title is as below:

The operation method of

above is I in the customer site was hijacked the spider love Shanghai, hoping to help everyone, from the 贵族宝贝jszh188贵族宝贝 finishing editing, welcome to reprint

thank you! The proposed query three

The original

recently a customer site in the Shanghai in the title and description of love others, this is the first time to meet, then ask some experienced master, to understand the customer’s site is being carried out in Shanghai hijacked the spider love, so it is the case now. The following figure:

website to see if there are love spiders in Shanghai hijacking problem, you can log on to 贵族宝贝.Chinaz贵族宝贝/ in Shanghai Longfeng this page, enter your own web site, and then click the query (must update Web cache tick). The following figure:


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