The user experience is changing with the user’s needs


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is only a small icon, but showing love Shanghai search engine one of the performance, but also a user experience to improve performance. In fact, we optimize so website, and can not do in one step, when a website is done, would never go to adjust it, then this site would not have a big promotion space, only to adjust their own websites according to the needs of users, to make their own websites play a greater role.

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now focus on user experience, this is recognized, the content and the chain is not able to get good rankings, site open speed, station layout, the overall color, the quality of the content are the factors to reflect the quality of a website, which is what we call the user experience. Good user experience of the site, visitors will be able to successfully find the content they need through the website, and return rate is very high, such sites tend to be the favorite search engine.

website optimization is a competitive growing industry, no matter what the industry is so, for example, wedding photography industry, now two years before and after the comparison, it changed every industry in fact, as long as the future, there will be more and more people participate in. In the face of fierce competition, I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er busy running out of breath, and every time we have to worry about their rankings, fearing that their website squeezed down by competitors, or afraid of Shanghai search engine updates to your site right down and so on, these are engaged in Shanghai Dragon must be considered to the problem.

will be above the icon, when we put the mouse on the top, will show 52 people love, this is a good interpretation of a website for the needs of the people, when we enter a keyword, see this picture, will certainly attract the attention of the user, even if the website is not very front, from the search keywords users know this website is more authoritative and more useful to us.

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user experience this thing and not one step, that is to say many of the details are not complete in one step, such as the site of some functions, with the increase in the number of users, our station function may need some adjustment, more in line with the user’s reading, when the traffic increases, we need to replace in order to space server, users can smoothly access, actually these are adjusted according to the user. In fact, love Shanghai search engine also is so, it is of continuous to the direction of the user experience, for example, we search "Shanghai Dragon Technology:

Shanghai dragon

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