The website ranking factors take what to save you

2, the overall survival of the fittest set: we all know that in the evolution of our core keywords to search keywords relative person is many, such as the keywords lottery sales system. But how to make use of these relatively popular keywords, for most of these words are very similar, and then how to deal with those is the rise of search users search words at the moment, they seem very popular, but in the optimization of time especially in the later period is not brought traffic words we have to rely on to decide.

Three elements of the

4, the website keyword portfolio research: lottery sale system website keyword split combination will always adhere to a principle, is to ask us in the optimization of time due attention to these users is the main search to find out what popular words in a phrase, then popular phrases kicked out, so to achieve the objective. It is also based on the user experience, so in good fit under the premise of these hot words, so as to achieve the purpose of optimization.

3, starting from the user: you are Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, is of course to the user as the main body, in their search, they love what we do, so as to search, you can do research on the optimization of these.

because there is no one in the definition is not a standard, so much in the optimization process is to take the site lottery sales system of their own decision, but also the lack of standard phenomenon has led to the professional knowledge is not in place, it is difficult for the value of the website to reflect, search engine the page appears more words given the weight is relatively large, so in the optimization process of daily after accidentally can do more, but don’t try to do, otherwise it is likely to be reduced permissions. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝f>

5, don’t let the main content is then offset: hot key combination, play key words popular, so it will greatly increase the amount of search keywords, the weight of lottery sales website system are greatly improved, but we also note that can not be too many the accumulation of keywords, not because of the core keywords we do is lottery sales system, the number of the stack keywords. It will get the opposite effect, it is too late to regret.

1, find out the key to climb: rising above the key value optimization and the late days after work, so as to more efficiently in the days after the optimization process, can give the ticket sales system site search volume, bring vitality to our traffic growth, these seemingly insignificant words but the technology is still quite large.

site is the priority among priorities for ranking, we have to do for our industry consolidation in the daily work, find out the corresponding key, only to find the most suitable keyword in the days after the best optimization.


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