The new line encounter love Shanghai frequent updates

I have been half a month, is 26 on the beginning of the line, and home page is released in the beginning in 30, after 7 of the time they released several pages, according to the normal terms, is very good. Over the past few days now, home has not been updated, just yesterday, many webmaster reflects their website snapshot also update, I think Shanghai has entered the last update step, I will bloom a brilliant new.

A new on-line related websites

first selected space and server, do website template and all the content of the page to locate the site keywords, publishing and web site keywords original article, love Shanghai on new sites are a period of study, the most basic is about 15 days. Don’t try to submit to the search engine, let search engines crawl on their own initiative, do not let the search engine to see any trace of optimization, as the saying goes, too easy to get things do not cherish, search engine is the same, when it is active grab things determine on the site early will give high weight value.

well, the website space and content has been organized, how time in the hair of the chain, let search engine active to climb over it, in fact, our browsing or open FTP, will have a certain flow. To use this method, using this method to continuously produce flow, you will naturally attract love Shanghai spider crawling, can see, then through this method, the snapshot will soon put out the attached pages will also put out, accompanied by partial ranking. Since the snapshot in the hair of the chain and no historical records released out, very lucky, you can now send the chain increase search engine crawling speed, maximum weight value of the site prompted.

The chain of


love Shanghai update is about to leave, the initiative also will be handed over to the owners, let us into the world of search.

technology and the popularity of Shanghai dragon search engine, as early as 2012, working in Shanghai dragon industry bigwigs deep search engine sanctions is approaching, today, in the month of 2013 last time, the search engine has 8 days of continuous update to 75%, many owners reflect, and only included the related domain soared, ranking is not much change, perhaps this is the prelude of the storm.



second, if you can take the anchor text or text links

third, the chain of only

fifth, the stability of the

With the rapid development of

released the chain

released what note:

together is said to have released the chain according to the relevant industry keywords to release, the rank is good, then draw text links than plain text link weight increment value is higher, the release of the chain.


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