Break the weight bound website optimization can bid farewell to the two review

website content to be included can sleep without any anxiety it? In the search engine, there is always a snapshot of a phenomenon: shortly after the content to be included, and included query they found just indexed pages has Not the least trace was found.. Sometimes the situation better, a few hours the snapshot will be re released, but not a good snapshot just index has been deleted, for this phenomenon is usually defined as the search engine "two audit or retrial as core". Then the two audit is how to cause? How to avoid the two audit is to improve the quality of the site, a matter from a certain angle on the site does not exist two audit phenomenon is also the weight of metamorphosis. In this farewell two audit phenomenon to do an analysis on how to use the Shanghai Dragon:

B: Web site revision in the observation period, and was attacked, the server is not stable, the chain alternate content, are important factors caused the site to be search engine watch. Light the performance of the two audit, serious or even directly will be down the right treatment. For this website, as long as early have a higher weight, has no right to be reduced, is also very easy to break through the two audit period. In fact, this phenomenon is also very easy to understand, like people suddenly had cosmetic, always let friends to

C: the original site is decreased, when the spider to update the site has become a habit, the post included an article, but for a long time under the bound to have some inert webmaster. Then the pseudo original, even "fine"


: a search engine two audit object

for the two review of the search engine, not all sites will appear in. For the two time that the binary audit mechanism mainly in: new construction sites, web server or replacement after the revision of the website, the server is not stable, not very stable, update the chain changes, frequent attack. These problems lead to the final two review the factors can be divided into three points: A: new B website: the weight is not enough, in the observation period, C: the original site decreased

A: the new weight is not enough, even if the original article is two times the audit may also encounter search engine. For search engines, life suddenly encountered a strange face, will remain vigilant. Even if the original is suspect the article come? The content file review, further analysis of whether the original, if it is then released snapshot, and increase a certain weight. And if it is collected or pseudo original information, then carries on the "delete", and reduced the friendly. For the new station, the recent two review some serious. Although the search engine speed up to the new sites included content, which makes it easier for the new rise, even some sites can reach the second point as the acme of perfection, but the search engine still maintained its deep vigilance. In order to avoid the "spider without fire, keep the garbage station so early only hard to review.

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