How do use 20 days of the Henan Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai second

The first is because the domain name

first of all, on the blog title. Many people are saying that the title of the site must contain keywords, and in fact, before my core keywords ranked second this blog, the title is not the "Henan Shanghai dragon" the words, the beginning of the title is "traceless snow: focus on network marketing, network marketing, website operation and, just in Shanghai Longfeng site description mentioned in the" Henan Shanghai dragon "of the word. Title now I just modify the day before yesterday, because now a bit not satisfied with only "Henan Shanghai dragon" the keywords ranking, so modify it. In fact I know after modification may bring about the drop, but in fact I of the station has not had expected, more is take it in hand.

the first picture is "Henan Shanghai dragon" in Shanghai love search results.

today to share with you own a Shanghai Longfeng experience, the key word is "Henan Shanghai dragon", is the result of love do Shanghai second in 20 days. First let us see the effect:

second picture is "love Shanghai index of Henan Shanghai dragon".

second key words about the layout of the page. In fact, the whole blog about the "Henan Shanghai dragon" blog only mentioned once at the bottom, where no other basic and its related things, keyword density is less than 1%. So, sometimes, the conventional approach may in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love here is not necessarily accurate, because in accordance with the Shanghai dragon rule, traceless snow this stood in the words "Henan Shanghai dragon" should not have good rankings.

this site is one of his independent blog, on-line in February 20th this year, is the use of a about a year old domain name, the domain name before doing literature station webmaster forum. Then feel there should be a separate place to share your article, so decided to use the domain name started his own independent blog. Keywords "March 5th this blog Henan Shanghai dragon" in the top three, in March 10th second and has remained until now. Introduce the station the words "Henan Shanghai dragon" experience.

, however, all the results will always have the reason, but the same results may be caused by different reasons. A website ranking, if it is in the title settings and page keyword layout does not meet the conditions, it should do good other aspects, in fact, traceless snow this blog is to obtain good rankings, should cause is this for several reasons.



. This domain name although only a year, but compared to a new domain name to do a new station is certainly an advantage, after all this.

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