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however, the existence of this phenomenon, because the station is in a passive position, as long as the webmaster put the union code, a lot of things are pinned down to them, and not too much say. Especially for the small webmaster, because their website does not have too many advantages, major league will not be valued, it would have to choose the threshold low alliance, and these alliances are more or less there will be some unspoken rule. The face of this situation, the webmaster is often weak, often because of union advertisement of no effect, the webmaster will not get due to advertising costs, even the basic interests are not guaranteed, the owners more do not talk to make money.

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to breed high-quality innovations, and domestic and local angel investors often have no confidence and ability to identify such ventures, coupled with the fact that young people have less external resources and are difficult to secure investment. "Young Chinese entrepreneurs need to be nurtured, not every one of them is perfect at first.". Our young people do not have enough creative breakthroughs. It has something to do with the imagination of young people. It also has something to do with education." Tsinghua University creative creative entrepreneurship education platform director Zhang Wei said.

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according to the "Forbes" Chinese version of the list shows that Beijing obvious advantages, occupy 13 place. As for age, there are 5 after 90, and the youngest one was born in 1993. On the field of view, China’s Internet and mobile Internet industry as young as 12, while the American version of young entrepreneurs list only 8. In the United States, the most popular areas of entrepreneurship for young people are energy 5 and real estate 4, and few of them are successful in china.

in recent years, advertising has become the main way for the webmaster to make money. Because of this, more and more advertising associations have been spawned. Advertising alliance more, and can’t bring convenience to the webmaster, but to many webmaster add trouble. In the industry, the discontent of the Union more and more voices, often there will be standing, call Union, do not speak good faith, there is no normal settlement Commission according to regulations, or a serious deduction of money deduction amount of phenomenon.

status quo: Chinese young entrepreneurs rarely choose traditional industries

Guangdong to Beijing young entrepreneurs Chen Yuyin remember last year, he repeatedly import Industrial and Commercial Bureau door "cattle" stopped the scene, "so many times not to do, we won!" the difficult start is the primary problem facing many campus entrepreneurs. Just opened >

there are two kinds of entrepreneurship. One is that I think of an idea, I want to try, and the other is that I want to start a business, and I’ll find an idea. At the moment, domestic young people are more inclined to the latter, and the significance of entrepreneurship is also focused on what I do and need to better address user needs, rather than having to do something completely different to solve the problem." Entrepreneur Zhang Yueting said.

for the young entrepreneurs who are innovative and energetic, is the gap between China and the United States, whether it is entrepreneurial environment or innovative strength?

in order to get rid of this phenomenon, many webmasters have begun to take defensive measures, which into the union, choose the advertising alliance is the most important way. It is understood that it is the first domestic advertising alliance alliance network is committed to the evaluation, because China Adsense recommend the best advertising alliance and the alliance is to expose a liar waste webmaster welcome, has become one of the most influential domestic advertising alliance network evaluation. Through the platform provided by this website, the webmaster can select active defense measures before choosing the advertising alliance, so as to avoid many unnecessary losses. Do not speak out the integrity of the league, has become the most powerful guarantee of the rights and interests of the webmaster.

problem: the disadvantage of asymmetric information

if the alliance industry can not get the norm, the webmaster can only take defensive measures, can not always be weak in front of the alliance, such awareness should be paid attention to in the station. The webmaster has worked hard to build a website and is trying to make a profit through it. If the alliance hurts its own interests, proper measures should be taken to defend it. In the face of alliance, do not suffer from the weak alliance Kengpian after that, but cooperation in advance to choose good advertising alliance, the owners of the more broad sky. This article by www.lianmeng.la

after combing, it is not difficult to find, Chinese young entrepreneurs rarely select traditional industries, while the electricity supplier, online games become the biggest blue ocean of the rising of new commercial power. American young entrepreneurs are good at breaking down trade barriers with the established order, and has the characteristics of global high-tech innovation; Chinese young people often still remain in the starting from the application, or for traditional industries to find a position in the network platform, or imitate the developed countries to the needs of the user oriented product innovation service stage.

"Forbes" magazine recently released the 2015 version of Chinese "Chinese 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, and that "Forbes" American version released "the 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" comparison, entrepreneurial environment difference between the two countries a lot of young entrepreneurs. Why do American entrepreneurs continue to maintain the "creation advantage"? In the face of the new generation of barbaric growth of the new generation, what is the university? With these problems, the reporter walked into the University and many places to find the answer.

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