Experiments show that the weight decided to love Shanghai is included in the chain blog

long time use blog the chain is one of the many new webmaster and Shanghai ER who love the dragon. The chain is also one of the best and fastest way, but now is not the same as everyone knows, now, the weight of the blog has far better than ever before, each big portal blog weight basically are reduced, which leads to a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that blog the chain has become tasteless gesture you still use chicken ribs. The blog chain, novice webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng ER


why choose love Shanghai space to do the experiment, you should be very clear, love Shanghai for their products is always given high weight, this space is also love Shanghai. I got four articles, one is original, a deep pseudo original, one is simple for the original, there is a copy of the four articles in the morning every twenty minutes to publish an article, finally, there are two articles published in Shanghai seconds after being love. A few hours later, I found the chain increased, I also worried that the chain may not be in love before the Shanghai space, such as I love Shanghai in the domain: to check the chain, I found that before the chain space do love Shanghai. After a period of time has been very stable. In view of this, Shanghai love space outside the chain is effective and stable. Just need to remind, when love space in Shanghai released the article, not too much to link anchor text and URL in the article. Three is too much, the two best

experiment two: Sina blog chain

I in many has been the weight of each big webmaster friends love the higher BSP blogs have registered a blog, such as love Shanghai space, Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu, Alibaba, NetEase blog blog blog, one NetEase blog, a Sina blog is started to do a years ago, when the purpose is not to do the chain blog, but the blog love, just registered the two blogs, and often publish original and pseudo original articles, a year later, did not expect to do will be to do the chain. The new registered blog, I regularly re blog published original articles, about half a month, these blogs are included. Then after about a week, I began my love in Shanghai included the chain blog experiment:

for the blog really become a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs view, even a lot of the Shanghai dragon Er that the chain blog has been completely ineffective. I do not have the same view, I think the blog the chain or taste quite delicious, since Google China completely withdraw from the mainland market, Shanghai love Shanghai Longfeng has become the only job, so I also from this point of view to do a few love Shanghai included the blog chain experiment:

experiment one: love Shanghai space chain


this time I use two different Sina blog to do the experiment, one is just love Shanghai not long included A blog. Another is that a year B blog. The first choice.

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