A why is included and the chain website has been reduced

if the objective factors can be ruled out, then returned to her on the site. First check your network.

? In fact,

please don’t ask me why I don’t talk about another topic, because before I have stated every topic from the Shanghai Phoenix Forum today, it is because I choose this topic in the forum to see. The original problem is this: I have a website ***贵族宝贝 website and website chain in reducing this is why? If you’ve asked a similar question, then you should know that you will get what kind of answer, it is the right of the site is down ah; love Shanghai in the adjustment to remove duplicate content. This is so; the main floor, calm and so on, rarely seen in real analysis of this problem and give your own ideas.

when you find your site has been included on the decline, attention has been reduced, not updated your K out a few pages, then you should pay attention to their own website, because this is definitely not a good sign. First, I think you have to check your site itself is not what the problem, such as server access speed dropped, the server IP is in the edge of the K, these are all can directly affect the site even weight factor. If you want to test your site access speed, you need to use some tools (like Shanghai to check it, I also find love in Shanghai), because you are in daily contact with the site, may even decline in the visit speed of website you do not feel like this, some people may be in every day fat, but he didn’t feel what, but if your picture out the can quickly find the problem. As for the IP problem, as long as the site observation with IP extractionseveral under it.

is not to blame everyone not to help you solve the problem. First, we all know yourself in the forum is for irrigation, the hair of the chain; second, this problem is really too wide, not to mention the novice don’t know how to analyze, even if other people do not know, for you are likely to be Zhou Zhanglai because it asked a question but this is free. Is this two premise, you want to solve the practical problems in the forum is very difficult, of course, if you are lucky enough to meet the site management personnel, I believe that in order to make your own website development better they will help you out.

in an article on "how to analyze the degree of difficulty of keyword optimization? "I said, can not give up their own blog, to talk about his own views on a problem every day, this is the most I can think of in line with the current user experience a trick. I do not like most people like to public lectures to help you, there are two reasons, first I feel wood also has such power off the reel in that case and we second, I feel more introverted personality (almost a chain), so we continue to today’s topic: why is included and the chain the site has been reduced in

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