Push station network how to improve the reverse link of Google and YAHOO

, Links can open the station display portal blog: blog, blog and other gold.

4, quietly waiting for Google update. The chain update of Google and PR is actually a bit similar, in a certain period of time will be updated, usually also have some small updates, so sometimes to see the Google chain is still the 0 need not be impatient.

you master the above five flexible movement, there will be unexpected results if there is no effect, do not panic. Because the official learned that Google webmaster tools to check the chain, it is not accurate, is said to have used Google webmaster tools to check the chain and ordinary Google webmaster tools to query to different, so as to the management of Google employees.

see the picture above, love Shanghai reverse link 1660, while Google is 0, YAHOO is only 396. In fact, every webmaster will meet with me the same question, including some major stations, such as A5, do not believe you check. Because we all know that the love for the chain in Shanghai, YAHOO and Google is relatively large. Love Shanghai more greedy, as long as the other link to your website, but were included, basically it will be in the bag, while YAHOO and Google depends on the quality of its website, demanding more, especially Google, so today we talk about how to increase the reverse link: Google

According to the observation of Finally,

1, can in some high PR site navigation station, page directory, links, or some large sites can establish company information to publish their own web links. A analysis of some of the GG site of the chain, found that GG like better the mouth.


2, looking for total site links. If we can get the station link sites Links exchange, that is again good enough, there are a few friends Links is the station the show, two of which are portal blogs blog today, check the nobility baby chain, the chain that these sites have a big proportion, the chain a web site has at least more than 10, there is a two level domain name blog, even in Google bring me more than 30 chain.

5 is quoted Google officials saying: the creation and the users of the unique and valuable content to provide, if others find these content is of great value to their users, they will link to your site. On the contrary, in any form is to violate the site administrator’s Guide to manipulate website ranking links program. It may negatively affect your site’s ranking in search results. Please note that the work is not only the number of links pointing to your site, as well as the quality and relevance of those links.

3, to the large forum to release the soft, but here we must note that the software links must be super link, if not the hyperlink, useful only to love Shanghai, for YAHOO and Google is invalid.

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