The enterprise website should be combined with the Challenger challenge

Most of the

: * * * Co., the country’s top 10 private enterprises, the company – * * * * international well-known trademarks. The enterprise website owners can understand the point on it: simple enterprise name does not meet the needs of users, increase the publicity of enterprises can attract more user attention. In the following a stair company for example: below


on the general enterprises, the credibility is very important, but love Shanghai know can improve the credibility of enterprises, such as you do the stairs business, then the user may search company, * * * * * * the stairs to the stairs, the type of words in love in Shanghai, if this time of your business the website can occupy large quiz platform, then the user in understanding that these contents will think your corporate reputation is relatively high, for the fame and the conversion rate of an enterprise can play a good role.

challenger, the crowd settled down to a challenger enterprise website is to attract into the site, let people bring benefits and benefits for the enterprise, so the enterprise internal site must do the following content, the content is also the key words: "/p> Challenger

second, the title covers the enterprise name and introduced to establish the brand effect of

1, within the site must have the service content of enterprises, whether you are selling products or services, must understand users come to the site and not to travel, they are holding the purpose, therefore the enterprise internal site must do detailed introduction of their products, and some advantages outstanding products and services, so that users can get a satisfactory answer in the enterprise web site.

2, enterprise internal site must have business contacts, this kind of contact information including enterprise official telephone, mobile phone, contact the enterprise private enterprise official contact QQ, e-mail, address the reality of the enterprise, we pay attention to contact is very important, but also to ensure that the website can bring benefit to the enterprise reality key and if there is a mistake or not, I have to say to the enterprise.

The Challenger:

corporate website are too conservative, the title often only have the name of the enterprise without a specific introduction, as a corporate Web site, to allow the user to enter the enterprise site by the same type of website click, then the enterprise name behind without introduction is not conducive to click, enterprise website title in addition to the name of the enterprise should also add some what.

web content on the user experience to win the business benefits of

this title played no role. I hope that this example more attention.

What is the

, the first love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, library and other platforms to improve enterprise reputation


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