shlf1314 Adsense optimization experiment reportWhen you are a boss are you ready to accept the ten

after a period of time to run, you can see from the report of the ad click rate of how much, this time you have to choose those click rate comparison ads to show, and the other are deleted. And I think every page of advertising should not be too much, more than your members can not see, basically control in 1-2 on the line.

experienced several times after the optimization of shlf1314 Adsense, and finally shlf1314 adsene revenue stability in a range I can accept, this article is mainly to give you a reference.

some people do a boss, because of disputes of interest, brothers and sisters Former friends become enemies with each other. boss became the Regal isolationist. Some good friends do business together and begin to do well


, the greater the risk of making mistakes. Now, the majority of small and medium-sized business owners rely on China’s reform and opening up opportunities and success.

when she comes home, the baby sleeps and the wife sleeps. The roles of the boss and the wife are like two occupations, one is a professional boss, the other is a professional housewife. Because of the lack of communication, there is a growing lack of empathy between them.


Abstract: in the Pearl River Delta boss circles, there is a popular saying: "the boss is not a human being.". Bosses in China, especially small and medium-sized businesses, are increasingly out of normal life, including dysfunctional relationships and dysfunctional attitudes. Some bosses, for example, keep mistresses.

many people want to be bosses before they become bosses, and when they’re bosses, it’s not easy to find that the boss has a boss. If you want to be a boss, you must be prepared for the ten major tortures. So, are you, or are going to start your business, well prepared for all this,

in this position, the boss pays much more than the average person. Math boss working hours, to the office at eight o’clock in the morning, at noon meeting or to accompany people to eat in the afternoon received a variety of people, but also to socialize at night, worse than ordinary escort.

stage is the important period, you have to click on those ads selected high, now we need to optimize these ads, you can consider starting from these aspects: membership into this page is not a glance you can see the advertisement of this advertisement? It is the right size? The ads are placed in the subject of the right or left side? And so on these problems, these are after a lot of testing is to know which is the most appropriate, slowly, you will find that your click rate will be stable at a satisfactory level you will.

‘s boss is successful, so there must be some success.

third stage: strengthening optimization of high quality advertising

the first stage — blossom everywhere:

second stage — focus on quality advertising:


I do shlf1314 Adsense more than half a year, from the novice has been coming, the middle has also walked a lot of detours, and now write down your journey, to give you a reference.

1 choice pain

This is the stage when

if the enterprise needs further development, do it yourself or ask occupation managers, and faced with various conflicts and occupation manager dealing with the boss of the world; when conflicts occur, occupation managers paipaipigu can go, but the boss is to pick up the mess, like Huang Hongsheng and Lu Qianghua incident to the boss left behind will be great the shadow.

enterprises in the end want to grow stronger,

apart from family, brothers and so on.

wrote these, I hope we can have some reference, we have the opportunity to visit my small station, Kaixin forum.

The bigger the

enterprises do a certain scale, the boss natural scenery. However, the following is the choice of the direction of the development of enterprises, the pain of this thinking is that employees can not understand.

some people are passionate at the beginning, but the passion is coming and going fast, so I hope your passion will last 3 years, and keep it for a lifetime. – Ma,

beginners, the basic shlf1314 Adsense ads linked to the Forum on the matter, but also think this forum advertisement hanging point, the hanging point or the hanging more more, affect the entire forum visual effect, while the income is very low.

, for example, some people are diligent, others are clever…… But they inevitably exist the short board of cultivation, including knowledge accomplishment and realm accomplishment. Most of the time, he does not know whether he is doing the right thing or not. Even touching the law, the final legal consequences have to be borne by the boss himself.

2 pain of risk

3 family suffering

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