Links exchange website really works

actually, this site is one of my former colleagues in charge of the website, the colleague, has a strong value brought by the effect of the connection, and as those of us who work for the Internet Co, the pressure is still there, since the chain so that we can focus on the effect, to do it well, so he began to friends keep changing the chain, indeed, generally we do website there is a time limit, and he is responsible for the website rankings really quickly, and very stable, which deeply affected me, I don’t understand? You really do have the chain effect of

actually, we are responsible for the website are some of the big company’s website, they do website is very cool, but it is very difficult to optimize, no place to start, take home, in addition to add a Links, does not have what other places to do, and I? Every day in writing the original news, published to the web site collected, and then sent to some other website, a day in the bustling about, the final effect still not ideal.



had this determination, his heart is entirely because of the pressure caused by, but still have doubts very slowly, all these doubts appeared in front of their own. A website every day I probably exchange 5 friends of the chain, because a little more time to exchange, slowly with time and slowly increase the chain number does not change, began to call himself a day in exchange for three days, then, a month later, the hands of the few sites are basically at about one hundred the number of friends chain. But in this month, my heart has repeated several times of transformation.

first website Links exchange or some, this is worthy of recognition, but we have no need to work on him, and how much effort, this is the problem that we should consider, before thinking about the problem, let’s take a look at this picture, under the surface.


we see from the picture, this website Links exchange so much. More than 100. Hey, we are not only the exchange of a maximum of not more than 35? Why exchange so much? If these exchange site Links is you, will you exchange? I think most people are not, but this is really happening. Then, the site management is how to think of


began to turn on

we all know, the website Links exchange website optimization is the daily work, many people are just beginning to do a website optimization is to start from the hair of the chain and exchange Links, I am no exception, but I always have a doubt in the end website Links exchange really works? "Today I came for me and we opened the puzzle.


finally, in pressure driven, I decided to focus on the exchange Links, do not update the article, what the chain is not done.

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