On the internal structure of 360buy series of Shanghai Longfeng not perfect articles 2

The difference of The

summary: from this point you can see, we usually said the Shanghai dragon, if you stand in the perspective of the user experience, these are completely ignored, after all, program design should be in the direction of the user experience to prospect, and if we use the method of Shanghai dragon, let these repeated a large number of pages disappear, then some specific areas of the user see after that can buy it, click, but did not find the goods, this is not the user’s cheating? If you choose, you will choose to experience it or Shanghai dragon

although the Shanghai dragon is not friendly, but for users is more helpful, because the spider is a spider, I is not the most real users, this is we must see, in the eyes of the user interface is the case, the author lists a comparison chart, as shown below;


some time ago wrote an article "on the inner structure of 360buy series – Shanghai dragon not perfect articles (1), introduced the 360buy, some are not perfect, the author then to write about the first part, Shanghai dragon is not perfect part of the further study, although not perfect, but some are not true the user will help.

search > 4)

, I believe many of my friends shopping in the Jingdong, the Jingdong will always be after the purchase record jump directly to the area above ", and achieve the most perfect explanation for the user experience, however, for the Shanghai dragon, but is not appropriate, specifically as follows. We selected Zhejiang province and Tianjin two notebook page screenshot below


from this picture, we can see that the two URL basically is set up, and using text detection tools, similarity exceeded 80%, visible to repeat the article page is too high too high for Shanghai dragon, which is a defect in it, after all, in a Jingdong the city is the product categories more products, URL corresponding to the different, this is to let the Shanghai dragon fallen into category page more of the same situation. The Shanghai dragon is not friendly to

3) commodity classification area pages repeat

for every item according to the area shows that there is no inventory, so that a region of the customer can better see the commodity stock information, this is the spider unable to experience, because the spider will not to experience the shopping process, but users, such a small change can make the experience improve a lot, compared to the Shanghai dragon, user experience, Jingdong did.



page similarity reached 99%

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