The long tail word optimization method good what


in the chain optimization is to increase or reduce a great help for the long tail word ranking, here are some suggestions for reference: the title and contents must make adequate efforts, we can also use the anchor text to optimize the spiral scheme, this scheme is specifically, circulation links if your website content is the network promotion, so in the next article in addition to bring home page links can be added on the long tail word anchor text linking to an article, which in turn, but in the process, must focus on the keyword density, do not let the search engine you think the keyword, or be removed The loss outweighs the gain.. You can set a long tail word > on the home page


third, there must be enough original content


long tail word is very important in our Shanghai Longfeng work, determine the long tail word good, can make the website optimization work twice our optimization method, so a good grasp of the long tail word is very helpful for the optimization of our work. The following details.

we all know, general long tail keywords in the main key words after general dozens to hundreds of different. In this case, how should choose the most suitable long tail word? In this point according to their website weight to determine the number of our long tail keywords, this is the key, we must first determine the keywords you need. After a long term, to go through a series of layout, and the index view clear, according to the weight of the site itself screening, which need, which do not need, these are the key to do long term.

content at any time is the most important, is the long tail keywords is the same reason, and also more important. Good content makes love Shanghai more attention, and doing so will make love Shanghai friendly to improve the site, improve the site’s ranking.


second, " " to find out the suitable; long tail keywords;


title is very important in the optimization of the long tail keywords, this is because it plays a leading role. A good title is the important factor to attract spiders, we should work hard in this area, the long tail word is generally more willing to adopt " the word " therefore, the title should be accurate, coherent, short. When we optimize our keywords should be simple and clear, long tail word is best to have a clear direction, don’t mark multiple words in a topic, each article is only a long tail word, make sure to let people know exactly what you want to emphasize. The title should be less than twenty characters in general. The title of the content to be around long tail keywords.

fourth, the chain optimization

methodFirst, the title is the key to

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