Web pages ranking optimization benefits and optimization method

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thus, page optimization is successful, is very obvious to enhance the flow of the conversion rate of help, but unfortunately, many current owners don’t realize this, or even aware of, but in the website page optimization method, if done incorrectly, it is difficult to site ranking well! Following the author from three aspects to discuss the method of optimization on page within the site

we do website optimization, more is to improve the core site keywords ranking, and the front page of the site, often is the core keywords gathering place, is also a site of the highest weight, so the website optimization work, a lot of places on the optimization of web page, but now with the competition intense, want from the core keywords to defeat the competitor, the difficulty is very great, at this time, page optimization, has become the best way for many webmaster Quxianjiuguo

so, the title of the page, can not choose the long tail word popular, long tail word also can not choose particularly popular, that is to say, to take a middle value, which requires owners of these long tail word selection, generally a lot of webmaster tools to be able to help us, I often in A5 find some webmaster tools to analyze the long tail keywords!, the page title is determined, the content must be careful not to deviate and long tail keywords, of course can not entirely stack of long tail keywords! Content readability and originality is very important, the distribution of long tail keywords must not reveal natural carving mark

two: inside and outside the chain chain, both to enhance the weight of the inside pages

: a page title should choose the long tail keywords, the content should be uniform household long tail keywords

normally, we enhance weight website of the inside pages, most are realized by the anchor text links within the site, such as the home of the long tail keywords anchor text into the page, or through the pages into other, although this method is very important.

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28 model to optimize the inside pages, many Internet experts believe that web page flow, 80% is the traveler, but only two of talent to become the ultimate user, enter through the long tail keywords website page is just the inverted model, that is to say, there are 80% the flow can make the final user, and only 20% of users is the passer-by

for web pages, the title should have a long tail keywords, such as the site of alkaline food network, in the website page title will have a lot of long tail keywords alkaline food network as the title, alkaline food how much money? Where can I get a basic food and so on, the benefits of doing so is to make the inside pages he encountered less competition, but if the long tail keywords inside pages too popular, then the user will be very difficult to search, because of the long tail keywords users almost without these popular

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