Talk about your views on love Shanghai eleven bit

first, with such a concept, really love Shanghai eleven phenomenon? Say, here, really loved the eleven Shanghai phenomenon, then these eleven phenomena, in the end is how to produce, how should we better handle eleven bit phenomenon. I remember myself once in eleven sites of the phenomenon, but soon had to climb up, in fact, the eleven is a state, is a response to your station se.

on the lower right: as long as it is not for the user experience and consider the form, can cause a slight drop right, for example, modify the title, the title is an important factor to determine the correlation between Se sites, can not be ignored, either increase or decrease the keyword, keyword, will allow se to your site’s theme keywords weights have a new judgment, especially when adding a new keyword, you can re create this phenomenon, because of the relevance of new keywords to re assign the site, and what is the relationship between content and theme, the theme will have what effect, generally eleven, twelve positions will there is such a factor; and within a short time is to add a large number of external links, factors within a short period of time a large number of external links is also very easy to bring down the right, This is to investigate factors directly on your website, within a short period of time a large number of links to make your site easy to be noticed, is affected, be judged within a short period of time, reason of this phenomenon is the number of links.

there is a strength of eleven, here is the strength, the strength within a short period of time to the home page, but it is on the eleven, the strength is on the one hand, feel the 11 place position will stay for a long time, my previous company website once a the word "instrument information network", spent more than a year in eleven, now to the home page, third, so don’t worry when you stand in the time, the eleven, is always standing on your study, after a period of time hold on, can directly rushed to the home page, because eleven who is the first.

is the eleven phenomenon, two reasons of the phenomenon, one is right down, a review


: actually investigated about the focus of this article is to write a review, remember in his blog wrote his views on the 11 phenomenon, is a general phenomenon investigation.

eleven, if the site is down right, on the eleven, if it is started ranking, and then was transferred to the 11, then the general is right, this is a study of the property right down, in general, to maintain a good content, then get some good outside chain. A stable, after a period of time will go up again.

study, one is on the site right down, one hand on your station’s loyalty, on the other hand is to study your station power, there is a previously heard of rotation (hearsay)

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