Talk about the importance of keyword selection and layout of keywords

3 how to check what you have to do is the so-called keyword competition in. We in the optimization of the site, take time and effort to understand the situation of competitors. Keywords love Shanghai search what you want to do, to see whether the page before using N home page ranking, if you rely on the page ranking site too much, so the competition will be more, compared to optimize difficulty is big; the optimization followed by the need to check competitor sites. We can see from the several aspects: included quantity, snapshot date, quantity and quality of chain, website structure etc.. For example, the station I have selected another two keywords and drug hangover hangover products is the competition for >

1 for your website how to pick the best keywords first need to clear their own site to find the most suitable site keywords, optimization of the most targeted keywords. I like the station 贵族宝贝hefeimama贵族宝贝 to sell a hangover medicine, so I find the two keywords: the hangover medicine, hangover products. If I go directly to the optimization of the two words is I can bring considerable traffic, but the relative difficulty is not small. So I consider myself to do is just a hangover medicine, so I can take this medicine as the optimization of key words, this difficulty is much smaller, so the final choice is my core Keywords: RU21 Ann body composite films. As a comparison, we will understand how to select the best keywords of your site. Another example of a lot of Taobao customers doing slimming products, so we don’t have to lose weight of the word do up conversion of thinking, we can do slimming products or diet pills these words, if you want difficulty smaller, we’ll do what best, what the most effective weight loss drug, if want to reduce the difficulty Oh, according to my ideas, think again.


how to use the best keywords to dig out more best keywords if the core keywords that we have set down below, we can use the query keywords or related search keywords to find more existing traffic and related websites, from the screen, can use the best keywords to dig out more better keywords. For example: when my core keywords RU21 Ann body composite film is going to do after I went through many tools to find and site theme related keywords, such as: the body composite price, RU21 Ann body composite sheet, where to sell RU21 Ann body composite sheet hangover effect is good: RU21 and so on.

the detailed site keyword selection and keyword layout techniques, due to the limited space, as in how to select keywords and screening errors to keywords, this paper takes another view of the importance of selection and layout of key words. This paper will discuss from the following aspects, after reading this article in two aspects, after reading you will find how to select keywords and keyword selection errors of the answers to these two questions.

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