The chain the importance of keywords ranking key road

favorites backup classification information site, a large number of friends of the chain exchange platform, as well as the collection site, Wikipedia site, but also keeps the 20 mainstream blog, and countless forum. I got this website, according to the conventional idea of Shanghai dragon, a revised label, cleared the keywords. Of course, at present can do is general and non mainstream keywords, long tail word. The long tail word to create non a short duration of time to complete, after all, take the time to explore the user search habits. Temporarily from several mainstream words starting.

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chain method has a lot of, early to get a point, regardless of whether they were all included in the search engine, used to submit a circle do not spend too much effort. Search engine submission entrance online is also around ten minutes. Actually, the classification of information site webmaster friendship chain class site, collection site, Wikipedia site, the mainstream Forum blog site, of course, love Shanghai can build the platform itself has the place of chain: Wikipedia, know, library, etc..

I use Notepad to write down the name of the web site, web site, web site, and about 10 words page consolidation (not to consider the keyword density problem, but not too counterparts can). Then walk in the search engine submission, release of information and a day in the 5 classification information site, with links to web site keywords. Of course, not only take one or two key links. Since it is 10 words, the author will be evenly distributed. At present, the only basis for a keyword based on it, "

used to be Shanghai dragon who knows the importance of the content of the website and the outside of the chain. In fact, Shanghai dragon is not too much knowledge, as long as you are in the content of the website and the chain under foot, your keywords ranking will naturally raise up. Of course, if you focus only on the content, and ignore the build of the chain, ranking does not necessarily improve; but for an update not the content of the website, as long as you persevere to create a chain, keyword ranking can have unexpected harvest. According to their actual experience will never do a optimized site, built by the chain for half a month of time (spare time), one of the core keywords up to the Shanghai home of love.

Shanghai dragon before, do a system, so the author collected a lot of the site. The author suggests that in Shanghai Longfeng compatriots, every time you register an account, it must be your registration information, web site backup down for future reference. The knowledge accumulation is very important, with these, where you can take it leisurely and unoppressively. I love 360 browser very much, because the author is very dependent on the browser favorites. Shanghai dragon who can download the browser 360, and register an account, no matter where you surf the Internet after that, just login to your account, you can call the collection page. The author is on the save a lot of time.

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